3/23 NWA Smoky Mountain results from Kingsport, TN

Mar 24, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

NWA Smoky Mountain
Steel Cage Showdown Results
March 23, 2013
Civic Auditorium
Kingsport, TN

1. Elliot Russell defeated Shawn Adams

– Air America (Gavin Daring & Skylar Kruze) were conducting an interview when they were attacked by the Illuminati. The group targeted the throat of Gavin Daring in the attack.

2. Zac Vincent defeated Joe Black with the help of Matt Conard to earn a spot in the NWA Smoky Mountain Cup

3. Menace defeated William Huckaby in a Smoky Mountain Cup qualifier

4. The debuting Fred Yehi defeated Matt Conard after Zac Vincent’s interference back fired and Yehi was able to pin Conard. Fred Yehi will now advance to the Smoky Mountain Cup.

5. NWA Southern TV Champion, Vince Brent defeated Ricky Shane to clinch the final spot in the 2013 NWA Smoky Mountain Cup Tournament!

6. Daniel Mulligan defeated Josh Crawford in a Bull Rope Match

7. NWA Smoky Mountain Champion, Jason Kincaid retained his title against Sigmon in a Steel Cage Match after using a Piledriver to defeat the challenger.

8. The Illuminati (Tony Givens, Chris Richards, Alyx Winters and Nick Hammonds) defeated Air America, Jeff Connelly and Keith Knox when Skylar Kruze surrendered after Givens put a plastic bag over Gavin Daring’s head and put him in a sleeper hold.

NWA Smoky Mountain Returns to the Civic Auditorium on Friday, April 26 for the 2013 NWA Smoky Mountain Cup Tournament!

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