3/23 Jerry Lynn retirement show results

Mar 24, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

(photo credit: Brian Heffron)

Great crowd on hand, definitely 400+. Good show based on a lot of nostalgia but not a bad show at all. There were a few too many unprotected head shots that made me a little uncomfortable. Here are some notes, I’m not 100 percent on these finishes but I do know who won each match, sometimes I just can’t remember how. (I wasn’t taking notes, so I’m going on my ever fading memory)

Luke Hawx, Scot Summers and Perry Saturn vs. John Johnson, Aaron Corbin and Ariya Daivari. Decent opener, I hadn’t seen Summers or Hawx before, some real potential with those two. Scary moment when one of the heels pulled the rope down and Hawx went flying out of the ring, right into the ringside railing. Finish came when Summers and Hawk hit the total elimination and then Saturn hit a Death Valley Driver on somebody, sorry I don’t remember who.

Rhino v Black Stallion went to a count out finish when the ref counted Rhino out. Rhino hit the GORE! on Stallion’s manager post match. (count out did not go over well with the crowd)

Al Snow and the Blue Meanie beat Renny D and Craven Knight. When Meanie hit the FAT splash on Renny D. A LOT of stalling and comedy in this match.

Sabu beat Arik Cannon when he leg dropped Cannon through a table. Your typical Sabu match, lots of chairs and table spots. Cannon bled a fair amount. I will say that Cannon and Sabu both appeared to get their hands up whenever a chair was thrown at them.

Darin Corbin beat Tommy Dreamer in a bit of surprise result. Good match, both guys tried really hard in this one. Corbin took a really hard shot to the head when Dreamer side stepped him and just rammed his head into a chair that was positioned in the corner.

Benjamin Sailer b Adam Pearce when he hit him with the chain that Pearce tried to use first. Crowd kind of turned on Sailer a bit because of this. I got the feeling they would have rather seen him win clean rather than cheat, even thought Pearce tried to cheat first. Another good match here. Pearce is really under rated when it comes to the little things like facials and making every small movement bigger than it really is (if that makes any sense).

Jerry Lynn b X Pac, then beat Horace the Psychopath in a four way match including JB Trask. Something got screwed up at the finish, not sure if it was the ref’s fault or the timekeepers. Jerry had pinned X Pac with the cradle piledriver but there was no bell for a minute, then there was a bell. Then the match just continued, and Jerry then pinned Horace the Psychopath with the cradle piledriver. Match was a brawl which included tables. chairs and ladders. Horace and JB took some brutal head shots in this one.

The locker room emptied while JB and X Pac talked about Jerry. Arik Cannon had some nice words as well. Then Jerry gave his farewell speech and the shook hands with every single person at ringside.

credit: WrestlingObserver.com

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