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Former WWE superstar cast in new horror movie

Greenless Studios sent out the following today…

Mar. 21, 2013 – AUSTIN, Texas — MEET ME THERE is a new horror/suspense film about a beautiful young woman’s quest to understand her past, and the demons she left behind in a small Oklahoma town.

Directed by Austin filmmaker Lex Lybrand (SUMMER LEAGUE) and written by Brandon Stroud (“Seven Hill City”), MEET ME THERE stars Dustin Runnels (WWE’s “Goldust,” THE MURDERS OF BRANDYWINE THEATER), Lisa Friedrich (THE VIRGIN OF PREY, artistic director at Houston’s Station Theater) and Jill Thompson (famed comic book writer and illustrator, SCARY GODMOTHER, SWAMP THING, THE SANDMAN). The passionate Texas-based Greenless Studios crew will begin shooting the film in and around Austin, TX, this May.

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  1. Fairfax says:

    Good for Goldy. I know Dustin was really down and out for a while. I’m glad to see he’s turned things around so much. If anyone had an imposible task in trying to fill their fathers shoes it was Dustin and I think he’s more than been successful.

  2. Ostego says:

    Does he bring his Goldust gimmick or his Seven gimmick?

  3. Mikel Stacer says:

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