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Daily Discussion: Fandango

Today’s topic: Push him or drop the character?

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25 Responses

  1. ManWhale says:

    i say push him. yeah he’s had a bad start but he’s gotta allot of attention already and there have been worse characters and worse angles.

  2. Nick A says:

    I don’t understand the hate for the character. He seems like the only way Johnny Curtis will ever get over. It’s either that or fire the guy.

    I’m not sure if he deserves a Wrestlemania debut, but whatever.

    (I wonder if he and R-Truth will ever get that tag title match…)

  3. fred says:

    This guy is a joke

  4. Roscoe Jones says:

    Fandangoaway please.

  5. Prince Dann says:

    I like Johnny Curtis. I liked him throughout NXT and I really think its a shame he is stuck with this.

  6. Chewie215 says:

    Dont like him. Needs to go away waste of time.

  7. Ethan Skie says:

    I say give him an initial push and see how the character develops and then make a decision from there

  8. The Sheild says:

    When he turns face he & Truth will get the shot as a team called something dumb like Dance Troop. Terrible gimmick & should be dropped, so far I’ve seen nothing good from it.

  9. Stonz says:

    All you have to do is draw SOME kind of reaction from the crowd, whether it is good or bad. At least he gets “a reaction” lol.

  10. MC Live says:

    You pronounced his name wrong. It’s Faahhnn-Daahhnn-gooooooooo.
    If he ever wrestles, we might be able to judge him better. But I can say so far I’m intrigued and interested, but not 100% convinced. He has potential, and I think Johnny Curtis is talented. I hope it all works out for him.

  11. Kyle says:


  12. Dev says:

    Waste of time…

  13. Mackdeezy says:

    Give him a dang match already, heck, even Simon Dean had his first match by now when he was on Smackdown

  14. brutus says:

    hey dorks, he’s johnny curtis and has been with the company for a couple of years now. curtis is a solid wrestler and his gimmick was way better when he was dirty curty on nxt.

  15. -J- says:

    dont care either way…so far he’s doing the best he can with the sh!t character wwe created for him and working with a pro like jericho can only help him improve and get over.

  16. DBRude says:

    I like the name “Johnny Curtis” better. It isn’t stupid, like a ballroom dancer gimmick.

  17. Scott II says:

    A guy impervious to pain and is almost the walking dead, or a gimmick where one dresses in gold, and has some crazy obsessions seem stupid, but Undertaker and Goldust made it work. I say this gimmick seems stupid, but let’s give it a chance. Who knows, Johnny Curtis might make it work, and years from now, we’ll say what a stroke of genius this was.

  18. Mr. Black says:

    Give him a chance. See how it all pans out, judge his fate from there.

  19. Greg says:

    His gemmick is as annoying as Honky Tonk Man and Disco Inferno, He will have a long heel run, if he ever makes it to the ring.

  20. Joey says:

    MC – you said it wrong, you have to fee- screw all that.

    Horrible character, but Curtis is doing his best to make it work. I’ve found it kind of funny; he almost makes the joke of a character into his own joke. I don’t get the people who chant “you-can’t-wrestle” and haven’t even seen him. Curtis will be fine, don’t know about FAAAaaann-dango.

  21. Neumanrko9 says:

    drop it, I really hope Chris Jericho isn’t wasted at Wrestlemania in a match with Fandango there’s so many better possibilities out there for Jericho

  22. Stonz says:

    Yeah? Well the Shockmaster gimmick seemed stupid from the get-go, and it sucked too! That definitely didn’t work out lol!!

  23. Scott II says:

    Then again Stonz, that was early 90’s WCW… Enough said there

  24. jimmy pink says:

    Fandango suckssss

  25. MssJ says:

    I really like him, think he’s a good wrestler and he reminds me of a young Val Venis (don’t know, that’s my opinion :P)

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