Dixie Carter talks TNA’s next step, creative process, the Impact Zone, and more

Mar 21, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

The Bleacher Report posted an interview with TNA President Dixie Carter. Here are a few excerpts:

Q. What’s the next stepping stone for you?

Dixie Carter: Well, I think, from a touring standpoint, to be able to go live every single week, versus a live/tape, more programming in the United States, growth internationally, growth in our licensing—all revenue can always grow—but I think this is the right next step.

We’ve cut back to four pay-per-views. That really hurts us from both a top line revenue standpoint, as well as a bottom line revenue standpoint, because they were successful but I just felt like—

Q. Are you involved with the storylines, as well?

Carter: I sit in on the big creative arc meetings, and I’m given the formats. I try and let people do their jobs.

Q. What would you say is your strongest revenue stream?

Carter: I think it used to be television licensing, because that was the main thing we had. But if you look at a pie chart where that used to be the majority of the pie, the pie has become proportionately more balanced with different revenue streams, which is the sign of a healthy company.

So, right now, it’s contributions from everything. Some that are still new, like digital, would be smaller. Some, like pay-per-view, it’s not as big as it used to be, but it’s still proportionately, [and is even] growing in a declining market in that world, so we’ll see what the four do this year.

Q. Is the Impact Zone closed for good then?

Carter: I would love to do another show there, and let [the touring “Impact Wrestling”] be our primary brand. I would love to look into something like that. They were really good to us. Universal was a great partner. Great partner. You have 30 million people a year going through those turnstiles for both those parks, our exposures were everywhere, our logo was everywhere, we’re in maps, we’re in hotel guides, it was great. They were fabulous.

I have nothing but amazing things to say about them. And people traveled a long way to come see us, but it was just time for us to make that big move and come see them.

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