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Daily Discussion: Best Submissions

Today’s topic: Best Submission Holds/Locks, as suggested by reader Kiran Kapoor.

Yesterday’s discussion – Best finishing maneuver

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20 Responses

  1. ManWhale says:

    The lion tamer, not that lazily done walls of jericho, the old school knee-to-the-back shin-on-the-head lion tamer.

  2. Jake Allen says:

    Kurt Angle’s Ankle Lock was always great, but I could never get the flavor of Ken Shamrock using it before him out of my mouth.

    Maybe it doesn’t count, but the greatest “lock” I ever saw was Bret Hart’s figure four around the ring post. It wasn’t ever used to actually make a person submit, but hot dam it looked cool.

  3. Prince Dann says:

    Awesome Kong when she does the Accordian Rack is pretty amazing. I like the LeBell Lock, and have always loved the Crossface.

  4. jim says:

    The rocks sharpshooter lol

  5. Roscoe Jones says:

    Love the Stretch Muffler/Brock Lock.

    Also a big fan of the Dragon Sleeper.

  6. Adam says:

    brock lock always was a favorite of mine, along with ankle lock, crossface, and haas of pain

  7. art123guy says:

    Austin Aries’ version of the Scorpion Death Lock!

  8. Ram_Z says:

    Jamie Nobles Trailer hitch was always a fav, but gotta love the Crossface , and the Regal Stretch

  9. Dev says:

    Hells gate, crossface, Master Lock, No Lock

  10. MC Live says:

    Bret’s Sharpshooter. The figure four is a classic, and I like the Lebell lock. Also, the Anaconda Bice looks cool. I also really like the Cattle Mutilation

  11. MC Live says:

    Vice. Anaconda Vice. With a V. Stupid auto correct

  12. david r. says:

    Hell’s gate, the kimura (when done properly will snap an arm) and visually stunning and effective, the last chancery (I think that’s the one Aries uses)

  13. Keith G. says:

    The sleeper that Ted Dibiase Sr. used was great.

  14. -J- says:

    That Cena STF wow its the best submission you’ve ever seen and you must admit it to yourself.

  15. Vandertodge says:

    Crippler Crossface and the crossface chickenwing!

  16. D says:

    Last Chancery,anaconda vice,hell’s gate

    Old school- Lugar’s torture rack, Bruno’s backbreaker, Bobby Harmon’s figure four bobby lock, nick bockwinkel indian deathlock

  17. rebel says:

    @D. Bobby Harmon. Wow, now there’s a name forgotten by history. Made me smile…

  18. Nick A says:

    I will always love the Stretch Muffler/Brock Lock/Haas of Pain, whatever you want to call it.

  19. Greg says:

    Indian Deathlock There is a reason no one but Triple H has attempted this move in many years.

  20. Parallax says:


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