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Chael Sonnen shoots on Vince McMahon

In light of the news that Vince McMahon at one time wanting to do a match against Dana White at Wrestlemania, UFC’s Chael Sonnen ranted on Twitter:

There’s easier ways to commit suicide, Vincie-boy. Aren’t you about 45 minutes from the George Washington Bridge? @wwe

– Reason your guys work in a ring and not an octagon is because nobody on your roster can count to 8, you DOPE

– Just because your teeth are fake that don’t mean they can’t get PUNCHED OUT, y’big mark!

– Itd be entertaining to see Dana sweep him under the rug. He could use the one on top of Vince’s head.

– You’d be so punch drunk against Dana even your straight edge Champion @cmpunk will feel tipsy.

– Ill help you out and tag along because you can’t spell box office without S-O-N-N-E-N. how bout it? Vince w/ Punk vs Dana w/ Chael P?

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16 Responses

  1. joseph says:

    could this be a publicity stunt for mania 29? i doubt

  2. Joe B says:

    Did he thing it was going to be an actual fight?

  3. deathedge says:

    I’m sorry… I’d pay to see that. I know it’s trolling, but I hope Vince decides to roll with it and try to get somethnig set up. xD

  4. Chunky Lover says:

    Scary situation for Vince McMahon.

  5. VicVenom says:

    B-o-x O-f-f-i-c-e
    …My God, it does spell SONNEN!

  6. John says:

    Don’t discount Vince….I think he and Punk could put up a damn good fight

  7. AJ Starr says:

    And everyone is now asking themselves… who is Chael Sonnen… and why does anyone care that his keyboard skills are worse than my 9 year old cousin’s?

  8. joe says:

    AJ people must be living under a rock if they dont know who Sonnen is. He’s all over FOX,FX,and Fuel TV and one of the top draws for the UFC. Hes also the center of many articles on the front pages of sports sites. The grammatical stuff is due to twitter’s limit of 140 characters, people type like retards on there all the time.

  9. James says:


    Think about the normal wrestling fan or internet wrestling fan.

    Most probably don’t want Fox, FX or Fuel TV, I mean hell I’ve never heard of Fuel TV and I got digital cable.

    Most probably don’t watch UFC and most probably only visit wrestling sites.

    So they probably have no idea who Sonnen is, myself included. Never heard of this guy until this article.

    As for the twitter remarks. If you eliminated everyone who typed like a 5 year old, you’d have maybe less than 100 people left. People are lazy and the American education system isn’t helping.

  10. M.J. Wright says:

    Either a work or he really needs to shut his mouth before Vince starts an MMA Fed! (Oh God, I can see the logo being the WW turned upside down like the Miz uses)

  11. Adurka Durk says:

    Times like these..

  12. Adurka Durk says:

    Also, I’ll keep this brief because Gerweck doesn’t like me telling you fools the truth:

    Chael has more accomplishments in REAL wrestling than any of you, and 99% of WWE’s roster.

    He’s also a huge WWE fan as well, and he’s working you, the marks.

    So, take that for what it’s worth. You’re attacking one of the biggest and best ambassadors for the sport of actual wrestling, and the childish crap you guys get so worked up about.

    Typical of you all, really.

  13. Paul says:

    IIRC, Sonnen is a legit friend of Punk’s. Might be some future work being set up here…

  14. ManWhale says:

    @adurka_durk dat’s dugh troof, troof! i wanna see this match go down now, chael sonnen is on the heels of facing jon jones for the belt and when he wins, this would be a good business venture for both parts.

  15. Chicago Made Punk says:

    Mixed Martial Entertaiment©

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