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Spoilers: TNA World Cup PPV results

Kenny King (Team USA) b Sonjay Dutt (Team International)

Magnus (Team U.K.) b Ken Anderson (Team Aces and 8s)

Doc & Knox (Team Aces & 8s) b Petey Williams & Funaki (Team International)

Le’D Tapa (Team International) b Hannah Blossom (Team U.K.)

Wes Brisco (Team Aces & 8s) b Rockstar Spud (Team U.K.)

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian (Team USA) b Rob Terry & Doug Williams (Team U.K.)

Ivelisse Velez (Team Aces and 8s) b Mickie James (Team U.S.)

James Storm (Team U.S.) b Judas Mesias (Team International)

Team USA (King & Daniels & Kazarian & James & Storm) b Team Aces & 8s (Anderson & Doc & Knox & Velez & Anderson). Daniels & Kazarian walked out leaving Storm with Anderson and Doc, but Storm came out on top.


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  1. Hipnosis says:

    Ivelisse Velez is with Aces & 8’s soon? HELL YEAH! I love how TNA’s Spoilers only make me want to tune in MORE. GENIUS! spoils the surprise but knowing TNA they’ll still have some unexpections!

  2. david r. says:

    Wow! I called it! I knew she would be part of aces and eights. We puertorricans are very vengeful.

  3. Shane says:

    Lolol this is such a cool concept that was clearly not very well thought out. Teams are USA, UK, International which is a huge cop out, and Aces and Eights? Hahaha what? Every day something happens that makes me think TNA isn’t long for this world.

  4. eddie says:

    Shane at least there trying unlike wwe but it was alot better when they use to do it.

  5. Vandertodge says:

    I for one am so excited to get to see Funaki wrestle again

  6. The Sheild says:

    It’s good to have throwback ppv & all these stars, but no way am I paying for these after seeing spoilers, DVD yes, but not on ppv

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