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Spoilers: TNA Heavyweight Tournament One Night Only Taping Results

* Mr. Anderson defeated James Storm.

* Samoa Joe defeated Jeff Hardy.

* Austin Aries defeated Kurt Angle. Angle’s hamstring was taped and he looked like he was working hurt.

* James Storm defeated Bully Ray when Devon interfered, causing Ray’s DQ when he hit Storm with a hammer.

* Bobby Roode defeated Sting via submission.

* Samoa Joe defeated Austin Aries.

* Bobby Roode defeated James Storm following low blow and submission.

Xplosion: * Crimson defeated Sam Shaw. Half the building left at this point.

* Bobby Roode defeated Samoa Joe.

Credit: Billy Krotchsen & PWInsider

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8 Responses

  1. Prince Dann says:

    This all sounds great! TNA have really done something different this week, and provided some really great matches for the fans.

    Yet watch them still get bashed for it!

  2. Will Henderson says:

    so is this a #1 contendership tourney for possibly the winner taking one the TNA champion that hold the belt at the time it airs.

  3. eddie says:

    No will its to see what former TNA champion with company is the best champion

  4. Ian says:

    It probably wont be a contenders tournament as it is one of their one night only PPVs this one with all current/former World Champions

  5. MC Live says:

    Was it a round robin tournament? Because te way the matches are set up it makes no sense what so ever for it to be a tourney. I don’t follow it at all. It isn’t a single flow. Doesn’t look like a normal tournament, or a round robin tournament

  6. eddie says:

    Mc only reason would be confusing is james storm in 2 matches and explosion match. Other then that seems like straight tournament to me 8 men put into matches

  7. aag44 says:

    Maybe I’m wrong, but from what I can tell, it seems as if the Xplosion match came in between the semi-finals and the final (Bobby Roode vs. Samoa Joe), probably to give the two guys some time to rest. If so, then sucks that half the building had left by then…

  8. Thomas says:

    So….Anderson won the first round, and just didn’t compete in the rest or what? ……this sounds like a cluster f*ck.

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