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Spoilers: TNA Hardcore Justice PPV taping results

The fifth of six TNA PPV tapings was Hardcore Justice, done this afternoon in Orlando with one show left:

All matches were under hardcore rules

ODB b Jaqueline Moore

Homicide & Hernandez b Slash & Sinn

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian b Generation Me in a ladder match

Shark Boy won a weapons Rumble match. Is there a rule that every taped TNA PPV has to have a Rumble match? The match included former ECW wrestlers Devon Storm, Little Guido, Johnny Swinger and 2 Cold Scorpio as well as Crimson, Sam Shaw, Gunner and Funaki.

Bob Holly & James Storm & Magnus b Wes Brisco & Doc & Knox in an elimination hardcore match. Bob Holly is hardcore, you see. Storm and Doc were the last two.

Joseph Park b Judas Mesias, who was managed by James Mitchell, in a Monster’s Brawl match. Park was bleeding, turned into Abyss, and won.

Jeff Hardy & Brother Runt (Spike Dudley) b Team 3-D in a tables match


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13 Responses

  1. eddie says:

    Having rumble style matches allow for more people to be on ppv

  2. eddie says:

    How can u say every ppv there wasn’t one on the xx cup ppv or tag team ppv

  3. Bawby says:

    is THAT!!!!


  4. Nick A says:

    I will say this one definitely sounds worth watching.

  5. Bawby says:

    Also Bob Holly 😀

    Cool to see him again

  6. Bawby says:

    Is Judas Mesias back in TNA for good?

    I always thought he had an interesting look.
    Anybody remember Johnny The Bull from WWE when he was in TNA?

    He had a strange monster gimmick too.

  7. eddie says:

    No bawby this wassup TNA bringing in different guys for the ppv

  8. Bawby says:

    But is that Kung Funaki?

  9. eddie says:

    Is who king funaki

  10. Ryan says:

    So is Joseph Park a storyline brother to Judas Mesias due to his being Abyss’ brother?? Or is this one of those Dudley kind of relationships??

  11. Tbrent says:

    When are these supposed to air

  12. joe says:

    Who would buy a taped PPV? This makes no sense. Whats the point of buying something you already know the results of? Part of the mystique of live PPV and wrestling in general is not knowing the outcome in advance.

  13. eddie says:

    Ryan the ppv has nothing to do wothh any storyline there just ppv there gonna so for fans since not doing a big ppv every month

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