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Average TNA January attendance and TV rating numbers

January numbers from The Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

– Live attendance went from 1,200 (not including the U.K. tour) in January 2012 to 550 in January 2013 (down 54%).

– Impact in January 2012 averaged a 1.15 rating and 1.61 million viewers and in January 2013 it averaged a 1.12 rating (down 2.6%) and 1.53 million viewers (down 5.0%).

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  1. Mark says:

    This is the most misleading peace of crap I’ve ever read. TNA only had 2 live events in January 2013, not including the UK. One in Salisbury MD, and another in Upper Darby PA. That’s it. In 2012 they had 7 shows, and 2 of those were in NY.

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