WWE Saturday Morning Slam Results 3/16/13

Mar 17, 2013 - by Atlee Greene

-WWE Saturday Morning Slam 3/16/13


Commentators: Heath Slater & Josh Matthews


A new era of Saturday Morning Slam begins as Booker T is in the ring and ready to announce a new general manager. Booker says he has been on a long and extensive search and has found the right man for the job. Without further ado, the new general manager is………….MICK FOLEY!


Mick Foley, dressed up in a nice suit, says he is honored to be given this position by the board of directors and will make SMS more fun and more unpredictable than ever before. “Flight Of The Valkyries” hits the airwaves and Daniel Bryan heads to the ring, says he should be running Saturday Morning Slam, and says he did everything right and why they chose Foley over the DAZZLER is beyond him. Foley replies that it probably has something to do with Bryan’s unresolved anger issues. “I DO NOT HAVE ANGER ISSUES” yells Daniel Bryan. Foley says Bryan has passion and that could work in being his assistant. Bryan smiles at the suggestion until Dolph Ziggler crashes the party with AJ and Big E Langston.


Ziggler says the only thing worse than Foley being GM is Bryan being the assistant. AJ says her and Ziggler should run things since they are the power couple of the WWE. Bryan and AJ yell “YES” and “NO” at each other until Foley cut them off makes a match between Bryan and Ziggler.




-Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler


They each do faint lock up attempts and taunt the other after and exchange arm ringers until Ziggler retreats outside and checks in with AJ so he can fix his hair. Bryan with a headlock takeover, Ziggler rolls him up, Bryan kicks out and applies a surf board submission. Ziggler catches one of Bryan’s kicks and takes him over with a headlock. Bryan ducks three clotheslines and hip tosses Ziggler and the MITB winner slides outside to regroup.




Ziggler has gained control of the match by whipping Bryan in for a hard buckle into the corner. Ziggler does some sit ups and Bryan rolls him up for a two count and gets caught with a standing drop kick. Ziggler tries another drop kick but Bryan catches him and sends him in for a slingshot into the corner. Bryan follows up with a hurricanrana for the 1-2-3.


Winner: Daniel Bryan


Backstage: Mick Foley is with Brodus Clay and Tensai and says they are they are one of the most dominate teams he has seen in a while but their dancing…..not so much. He says it’s missing something and takes off his shirt to reveal his Dude Love attire. He and Brodus begin to dance and are having a blast while Tensai is shaking his head in disbelief. Rosa interrupts and yells at Foley in Spanish. Clay and Tensai don’t understand what she said and Foley translates. She either loved watching the Dancing Bears or couldn’t BEAR to watch them dance.




-Brodus Clay & Tensai w/ Funkadactyls vs. Primo & Epico w/ Rosa Mendes


Tensai levels Epico with a shoulder tackle and follows up with a body slam. Epico quickly loses a test of strength and gets backed into the corner and is Monkey Flipped for his troubles. Tensai hits a sunset flip off the ropes but Epico rolls through and stuns Tensai with a dropkick. Epico hits a springboard summersault splash from the second rope and tags in Primo who does the same. Primo misses an elbow drop from the second rope and Tensai makes the tag to Brodus Clay and the big man delivers clotheslines a plenty. Brodus hits Primo with a splash in the corner and a running headbutt. Epico breaks up the pin attempt and Tensai throws him out of the ring. Primo realizes he is all alone in the ring with the large duo and does the Wile E Coyote shoulder shrug as he gets a double avalanche and a double big splash to end his morning.


Winners: Brodus Clay & Tensai

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