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Injured star to return on Raw?

Santino Marella tweeted:

WWE star Santino Marella tweeted out the following giving an update on his neck injury…

I am good to go for this Monday

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  1. the kingpin says:

    Sigh. And even bourne still hasnt returned

  2. josh says:


  3. F-Teezy says:

    We Want Boooourne

  4. ManWhale says:

    To think this guy was the finally 2 in an elimination chamber match…..are the writers trying anymore or are they pulling their scripts randomly out of a hat? bring back bourne, or husky harris already, or mcgillicutty even. honestly, I’d be happy if you brought back sparky plug before you brought back santino. let the era of sparky plug.

  5. Fairfax says:

    I was hoping for Christian. Ya know I think it was obvious that he didn’t wasn’t to be at Slammiversary last year and I really think thats a shame. I wish Dixie Carter would take the money shes spending on RVD and offer Reso a lucrative deal. He could say he wanted to or thought it would be nice to end his career back in the ENT but once he was there he realized he’s made a mistake or something along those lines. As for Santino, he’s hands down the best actor in WWE. There isn’t anyone there who isn’t reciting a scripted promo so essentially they’ve all become actors. And I for one think Santino is the best. It may be goofy but thats what theyre writing for him and he pulls it off everytime!

  6. ManWhale says:

    Well, that’s what you get for thinking.

  7. Later Marks says:

    Evan Bourne posted a pic of his foot last week, and its still a mess. I don’t see him returning anytime soon, and when he does get healthy he’ll probably get released.

  8. Prince Dann says:

    I agree with fairfax as in I wanted it to be Christian.. but I definitely don’t want Christian to go back to TNA.

    Christian is closer to the end rather than the beginning of his career, and he needs to finish up with WWE then go on to be inducted into the HOF.

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