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Daily Discussion: TNA Knockouts

Today’s topic: TNA is promoting a all knockouts PPV. We have heard names such as Traci Brooks, Winter, Awesome Kong, Peyton Banks, and Nikki Roxxi declining invitations to return, which former knockouts would you most like to see return for one night only?

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15 Responses

  1. Max says:

    The whole idea of a knockouts ppv just sounds plain boring

  2. Prince Dann says:

    Taylor Wilde obviously!

    I’d like to see Madison Rayne make an appearance but she is busy doing her fitness competitions and honeymoon stuff.

    I’d like Angelina Love to return. But for more than one night. Gutted that Kong said no, but I’ve read elsewhere she has hinted at a WWE return. Trinity, Sarita and Roxxi too.

  3. B-Rad says:

    I’m glad these girls are keeping away from TNA. They treated them badly. Paid them horribly, despite the fact that they were the reason TNA was getting ratings. Then let them go in favor of a bunch of washed-up has-beens who have only hurt the product.

    The division is in a sad state now. Having it revolve around a woman who cannot work is just a stupid idea. They desperately need to gain new girls who can work and stop using Velvet and Tara so much.

  4. darko22582 says:

    Lacey von erich

  5. Prince Dann says:


    Depends what you’re into. I think its a great way to celebrate the past and present of the division. And while a few people have said no, I’m sure they have a few surprises up their sleeve and it’ll be good. Nothing on SHIMMER or SHINE, but still good.

    Besides, would you watch a Diva PPV right now? I think not.

  6. MC Live says:

    Taylor Wilde was H-O-T hot hot hot. I’d watcher her any time. She had good matches too. But to me it seems like literally ever other knockout has turned them down. I honestly don’t know who’s left to return

  7. david r. says:

    Sarita and Rosita. And to add to the whole ‘boring ppv’ , if they had this event when the division was at its peak, then definitely worth it. Now, I wouldn’t say boring but not as good as it could be.

  8. Nick A says:

    Sojo Bolt. I would love to see Josie back in TNA under any circumstances. She was probably the most critically under-used talent they had. I also would love to see Hamada make an appearance, unlikely as that probably is.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Taeler Hendrix and Lei’D make appearances as well and we might get Ivelisse and a few other indie stars, just like they did at the X Division PPV they recorded.

  9. James says:

    TNA screwed themselves over for not treating them right.

  10. vonVile says:

    The problem with TNA getting past talent is their poor planning. They thought up this PPV less that 2 months ago. All past talent most likely have already been booked for that date. Traci said she would have done it, but she’s busy, and Sarita is currently in Japan.

    One former KO we have good odds on getting is Alissa Flash, since she worked Ring Ka King.

  11. Meh says:

    Not former knockouts but it would be interesing if Lita and Trish showed up to the TNA Knockouts PPV.

    As for Former Knockouts: (Not be confused with Madison Rayne)
    Jasmine St. Claire
    Amber O’Neal
    Malia Hosaka
    April Hunter
    Leilani Kai
    Moose Knuckles
    Cheerleader Valentina
    Goldy Locks
    Veronica Stevens

  12. ManWhale says:

    I’m ready for something anything different and would order this. i’d wanna see daphne comeback, or awesome kong be the one i’d really want to comeback.

  13. Daniel (Gautier,Ms) says:


  14. -J- says:

    the brain-trust at tna is incredible…lets have an all knockouts ppv AFTER most of them leave.

  15. Scott says:

    Hasn’t Taylor Wilde retired from wrestling? I would have loved to see a match between her and Brooke Tessmacher, who she reminds me of a lot.

    In all seriousness, the Knockouts division works best when a heel has the title, so the sooner Gail Kim can win the belt, the better it would be for Velvet, Tessmacher or Mickie to chase it unless one of them turns heel or they do the unthinkable and let ODB challenge for it.

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