3/16 “Shamrock Shenanigans” results from Shelbyville, IN

Mar 17, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

New Era Wrestling “Shamrock Shenanigans” – 3/16/13 Shelbyville, IN Results

1) Tom Van Zant, Troy Van Zant, & Donny Idol beat Rob Ramer, Aaron Anarchy, & Nate Stone

2) Billy Bart beat Joe Pittman

3) Camron Star & Damian Cole beat Trash Cassidy & Ace Perry

4) Irish Warfare (Kenneth James & Brad Lamen) beat Natural Born Talent (Bobby Black & Dylan Bostic)

The masked man once again appeared during the match. Dylan was staring him down and Bobby Black came in the ring with a chair. It appeared that Bobby was going to chase the masked man off, but instead nailed Dylan in the back with the chair! He continued to beat Dylan down with the chair after the match. Then he hit the piledriver on Dylan onto the chair.

5) PT Hussla beat Anthony Lee

6) NEW Championship: Flash Flanagan (c) beat Mark Vandy to retain the title.

7) Hillbilly Jedd beat Osyris in a Last Man Standing match

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