3/15 WWE house show results from Bridgeport, CT

Mar 16, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Brodus Clay & Tensai def 3MB. Good match, a little long, but the kids were into it. Finish was Cameron running in behind the refs back and giving Heath Slater a hurricarana leading to a double splash from Tensai and Clay for the pin.

They announced a poll for the US title match. First choice was a one one math with Cesaro vs an unspecified opponent, second choice was a three way vs Miz & Kofi Kingston.

Zack Ryder def Darren Young. They played the wrong music cue for Young for some reason, and he got on the stick before the match to complain. Short TV match, nothing special.

After the match The Shield came out and beat up Ryder giving him the triple powerbomb. They then cut a promo

Vickie Guerrero comes out for more promos. She introduced Tamina Snuka.

Kaitlyn def Tamina Snuka. Match was as terrible as you’d expect.

A generic Ryback promo aired on the screen.

They announced that the three way won the US title voting.

Antonio Caesaro def Miz & Kofi Kingston. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Kofi, then Caesaro broke up the pin, threw Miz in the corner, and pinned Kofi. Match was ok, but below the standard you’d expect from these three.

After intermission, R-Truth def Titus O’Neil. Match was nothing, crowd didn’t care outside of cheering for Truth’s entrance.

CM Punk came out with Paul Heyman, and they had the urn with them. He cut a promo on Undertaker. Not sure what the point of doing this at a house show was, but Punk got heat out of it.

Main event was Sheamus, Ryback, and Cena vs Shield. The babyfaces were way over with this crowd. The babyfaces won via DQ when Seth Rollins clobbered Ryback with a chair. Match wasn’t that good, it was mostly designed around getting heat on the babyfaces, leading to the hot tag. The babyfaces hit all their finishers after the bell.

Show was ok overall, but I’ve seen better.

credit: Geoff Gillott at F4wonline.com

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