Heath Slater interview, new documentary being filmed, and more

Mar 14, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

– From Reyan Ali: I’m a writer for CT.com who just did a pretty detailed interview with Heath Slater and wanted to pass the link along. I talked to Heath about Nexus ending, the whole Justin Gabriel “bromance” thing, The Walking Dead, Jamie Noble and West Virginia, 3MB, and a whole lot more.

– From Trott3: Japanese ‘Skull Reaper’ banned from city council duty over wrestling mask

– From Vincent S. DiBenedetto: (Wrestling With Disaster: Road To Redemption) – 2013 to Present – NOW FILMING !!!

This pro wrestling documentary is about redemption and has a very heartfelt positive uplifting story to when disasters happen and can be overcome by heart, passion, and the will to continue on.

This pro wrestling documentary is in production and is working with stars such as Kevin Sullivan, Pitbull Gary Wolfe, Nelson Frazier Jr, Fred Ottman, and the ex-wives of Bret Hart and Dynamite Kid; Julie Hart and Michelle Billington.

This documentary also features in depth stories of independent wrestlers Billy Reil, Don Moore(Cable Jones/FCW), Vinny The Guido, Cory Kastle, and Dickie Rodz.

This Documentary also pays tribute to the stars that the industry has lost over the years, at ages far too young. With a special tribute to Trent Acid.

This pro wrestling documentary is slated to be released sometime in 2014-2015.

More stars to be named soon, we are still in negotiations with other stars and can not announce them until we finalize the contracts.

Also for more information on how you can be apart of (Wrestling With Disaster) and receive perks for it, this is how you can help us make this the best pro wrestling documentary ever made…..

Website Is Under Construction, So Here Is The Facebook Page In The Meantime…..


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