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TNA star’s contract set to expire

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Rob Van Dam’s contract is to expire shortly. Earlier today, Van Dam did confirm he wouldn’t be at tomorrow night’s live Impact Wrestling show in Chicago, stating on Twitter, “Ill be in Cali. More on that in a few days.”

It is believe RVD is paid in the neighborhood of $2,500 per appearance.

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18 Responses

  1. I legitimately don’t know how TNA is making enough money to pay all the wrestlers.

  2. -J- says:

    rvd loves that magical herb and less travel…otherwise think he’d jump ship.

  3. brookside raider says:

    If he leaves, no big loss. Take his contract & fill out the x-division roster with wrestlers that can actually wrestle & put forth an effort to have decent matches. Guys like Rubix, Sonjay Dutt, Steven Walters, John Skyler & Kyle Matthews. There’s a good basis for a new & improved x-division.

  4. Jau says:

    He sucks. Didn’t have a single good match since 2002!

  5. Revboy says:

    RVD is no great loss. He hasn’t changed his style, his gear or his hairstyle in 10 years. All 3 are out of date. Let him go.

  6. Ice Cube says:

    RVD should go back to WWE make his last run of big money and retire.

  7. Aaron Long says:

    Please let him go, never cared for him, never will. No personality, and just very boring. Let him go and and use the money on real X-Division talent

  8. Zach says:

    An interview I listened to from him less than a year ago said he had just recently signed a three year deal with TNA, I doubt this is true.

  9. josh says:

    let him go and re-sign Petey Williams, i’d love to see the Canadian Destroyer on Garrett Bischoff lol

  10. Fisha695 says:

    @Zach it always seems like TNA talent sign a multi-year deal but then the next year their contract is up. I saw somewhere else that last year was the final year on his contract but there was a 1 year option which was used & that kept him around another til this month.

    He probaly was going to sign a new contract too until he saw Swagger get busted for Weed & then go on to main-event WM for the title haha

  11. deathedge says:

    Eh. I hate to say it as i am a fan, but his act is stale. Babyface Van Dam was always lame anyway. He’s gotten slower in the ring too so TNA wouldn’t hurt much if he was let go.

  12. Mr. Black says:

    first off RVD is great, he revolutionized such a unique style in ECW and is a true innovator in the ring. But I will admit his heart was never in it in TNA, he should bounce back to WWE for one last run. It may reignite the flame in him.

  13. jimmy pink says:

    Let him go

  14. trev says:

    i was going to say people were going to hate me for posting let him go!!!
    over paid and over rated!!!
    there are stars out there to make tna better

  15. jim says:

    He is soo played out shows no passion in his matches

  16. Jamie says:

    I’ve always likes RVD but yeah…it’s time for him to retire from fantasy land and yes, his entire look and ring work have been the same since the 90’s and it’s worn out.

  17. Todd says:




    RVD VS CM PUNK!!!!

  18. Ian says:

    I like RVD but he brings nothing…it allowed Kenny King to get slightly more over by taking the title but I agree with others…take his money and sign a couple more X-Division guys with it to get the division going back uphill.

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