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The price tag for Wrestlemania 29 in the UK

WWE has increased the price of WrestleMania this year in the U.K. to 17.95 pounds.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. Travis says:

    What the heck! That’s about $35. Why is it $70 in America!!??????

  2. Jamie says:

    Simply put, far fewer people will watch it in the UK. They price it lower to try to draw more people in

  3. Sal says:

    Time zone prob

  4. joseph says:


    I remember back when all PPVs where free in england. now about 40% are free. a £2 increase isnt much. But its funny they do it when its the worst mania card in a decade.

  5. Wookey says:

    Do you not realise (those in America) that the ONLY people willing to buy WRESTLEMANIA In the UK stay up.. It doesn’t started here until 1/2am… Going until 5am where most people have work the next day? That’s why it’s so “cheap”.

    Anyone else will just download it afterwards..

    I don’t know wether I’m going to this year, I was too disappointed last year. :/

  6. Wookey says:

    And Joseph.. NO PPVs in the UK are “Free” anymore.. Four a year used to be on terrestrial television (channel 4) but that was stopped in 2000ish? I remember Mae Young at RR 2000 in my bedroom (eww…)

    Everything is either on Sky Box Office (1 off payment I.e Wrestlemania, RR, Survivor Series etc..) and some are on Sky Sports which you need to add as a package for an extra £15 a month or something)???

  7. joseph says:

    yeh but who doesnt have sky ..lmao

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