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NHL team begins using custom championship belt

The NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes have begun passing around a customized championship belt for their player of the game.

From Yahoo’s Puckdaddy blog:

Phoenix Coyotes goalie Jason LaBarbera is a die-hard professional wrestling fan, the kind that has his own WWE championship replica belt (and, we assume, finishing move). Back in 2011, he sent defenseman Keith Yandle, also a wrestling fanatic, a photo of his belt and the two had a brainstorm:

Instead of an old hat or a shovel or some other tired item, why not reward the Coyotes’ player of the game with the world heavyweight championship?

Players ranging from Ray Whitney to Shane Doan were given a John Cena “spinner” belt last season in honor of their efforts on the ice, with the previous holder of the belt handing it over (a.k.a. “doing the job”) to the next recipient.

But this season, the Coyotes decided it wasn’t enough to wear someone else’s championship strap – it was time to customize their own.”

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9 Responses

  1. david r. says:

    That belt looks better than a few current titles (I’m looking at you Rock, Kane, Bryan and hardy ).

  2. Shawn L. says:

    I agree. That’s an awesome looking title

  3. rebel says:

    And you know why it looks awesome? Because it’s based on this:×237.jpg, one of the best-looking belts ever.

  4. Denis says:

    Best looking belt I’ve seen in a long time

  5. Swayze says:

    That’s a real nice looking title belt. How did they afford that? They’re the Coyotes.

  6. dooman says:

    good one swayze…they had $15 western conference finals ticket prices….you can’t even park in canada for a game at that price haha…cool belt though

  7. Bill says:

    What’s the red spot covering the top circle? Are they covering a logo?

  8. The Sheild says:

    Great looking belt, too bad WWE is this garbage “Hybrid” of all eras now, so all the belts have to look dumb. At least RoH still has great looking belts.

  9. Jakey McJakerson says:

    That’s awesome. I hope the Bruins do it too.

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