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Daily Discussion: The New Age Outlaws

Today’s topic: Oh you didn’t know? The New Age Outlaws are back together, at least for this week’s Raw. Would you like to see Road Dogg and Billy Gunn in a match at Wrestlemania 29? Perhaps another WWE Tag Team title reign for the former members of DX?

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20 Responses

  1. Ryan says:

    Yes bring them back full time. Have them be tag team champions for a year.

  2. Kid Vicious says:

    They were a great team and are good to wheel out for a bit of fun, but a title reign; wrestling has got to move on. The Attitude Era ended 12 years ago. Fans have been born, got into wrestling and grown up from wrestling in that time. Any wrestler, not just the NAO, who was active in the 1990’s and is still wrestling should seriously think about calling it a day. Any wrestler who was active in the 1980’s and still puts on the tights should be sectioned.

  3. Ethan Skie says:

    I would like to see them in a few matches but rather than putting the titles on then I think they should be used to develop / put over the up and coming teams

  4. King B says:

    Not really. I think what Brock did Monday was their way to get them off tv without questions

  5. mackdeezy says:

    It would be a way to keep tag teams going, since i keep hearing about “tag teams being irrelevant in wwe.” Theres ptp, kane/bryan, primo and epico (kind of sort of) sandow/rhodes and clay/albert. We could use them to keep these teams going. Giving them the belts wouldnt hurt either if briefly.

  6. Dragon says:

    Would be great to see them in some matches. They seemed to work fine on Monday. As far as a title run I dont think so, just because ALL titles should be on younger talent to build up the future. Unless a really good story can come out of it to build upan awesome feud.

  7. Nick A says:

    I would like them to do a four way tag match at Wrestlemania with them as one of the teams, but I’m not holding my breath.

  8. Wrestlings Future says:

    I see Ambrose and Rollins as tag champs… But maybe they can beat the New Age Outlaws for the straps?

  9. cas says:

    seeing as how they are a part of developmental they should be used on main roster to help build up those teams coming up on the main roster. title run is possible and belivable because the lack of experience in tag teams today. they just have to be used as a springboard for the next big team. luckily NAO still can go

  10. Beacon of Hope says:

    I hate to be an “internet attitude era guy” but, I was a huge mark for the Outlaws back in the day. This is the first time I have been legitimately stoked to see anyone come back from the attitude era.

    I say give them a run. Even at their age they have more charisma than any other team on the current roster. I usually hate it when older guys come back but this would be a great way to elevate the younger guys, and throw some nostalgia at the old school fans. Could be a win-win.

  11. Scott II says:

    If it means helping put some tag teams over in the end, I’m all for it!

  12. Chunky Lover says:

    New Age Outlaws, greatest tag team off all times will win the belts again!

  13. Wookey says:


  14. Haywood jablowme says:

    Oh you didn’t know?!

  15. -J- says:

    yes, i get why but it sucks they buried them on raw by lesnar.

  16. Ice Cube says:

    Consider this an invitation to my gangsta nation.

  17. Jau says:

    They always sucked in the ring.

  18. Greg says:

    I like seeing them back they were the last tag team in WWE before they put it on the back burner. If they are back for a short run it may be in the passing of the torch role. If WWE does not push the tag team division The Shield will be a waste of time. I like what The Shield has done to this point. They give me fond memories of the Fabulous Freebirds in watching them work.

  19. MC Live says:

    I’d like to see another run

  20. jimmy pink says:

    Give them the belts. WWE didnt care the tag team anyway.

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