Reid Flair is coming to NWA Smoky Mountain

Mar 11, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

NWA Smoky Mountain News – March 11, 2013

— We want to start off today by thanking all the great fans that came out to Rogersville, TN this past Saturday to see WWE Star Billy Gunn’s last independent wrestling event. YOU, the fans, made this event the most successfully event ever in Rogersville!

— As announced on our Facebook page last week, Fresh off a tour of All Japan Pro Wrestling, “The Son of the Nature Boy” Reid Flair is coming to NWA Smoky Mountain on Saturday, April 6 in Elizabethton, TN!

Reid will be out for revenge as he takes on Jeff Tankersley… The last time we were at the Elizabethton High School, Tankersley, along with help from the Illuminati, beat down Flair… You can see that footage by clicking here.

On April 6, Reid is looking for payback!

— Keith Knox is ready for WAR!!! The team of Jeff Connelly and Air America have chose Knox as their 4th man to take on the Illuminati in the War Games Steel Cage Match on March 23 in Kingsport, TN!

A powerhouse like Knox is the perfect compliment to the High Flying Duo of Kruze & Daring and the Submission Wrestling Specialist, Jeff Connelly… Will this unique mix of skills be enough to stop the Illuminati?

We are still awaiting word on who the Illuminati will choose as their 4th.

— Another huge match has been signed for March 23 in Kingsport. After competing in a brutal Street Fight this past Saturday in Rogersville, nothing has been settled between Josh Crawford and Daniel Mulligan…

Josh Crawford was able to defeat Mulligan in the match of his choice; but now Mulligan has asked for his specialty match… NWA Commissioner, John Moorehouse has agreed to Mulligan’s request and he and Crawford will now compete in a Bull Rope Match in Kingsport!

— This past weekend on NWA Smoky Mountain TV, NWA Hall of Hamer, Ricky Morton announced that he wanted to be in the NWA Smoky Mountain Cup Tournament on Friday, April 26… Morton has been chasing the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title for nearly 3 decades and he sees the tournament as his last chance to get a shot at the title.

Unfortunately, Morton may have had asked just a little too late… 8 competitors have already been announced for the tournament and the field of 12 will be complete after the 4 qualifying matches on March 23 in Kingsport, TN.

Commissioner Moorehouse is aware of Morton’s request and will be assessing the situation this week. He has said that he will make his decision this week and we will bring you news of this decision NWA Smoky Mountain TV this weekend.

— Coming up on Saturday, March 23 at 5:00 PM; we will present out 2nd NWA Smoky Mountain Open Tryout for wrestlers that are interested in earning a spot on the NWA Smoky Mountain Roster.

The tryout is open to all wrestlers who have completed any pro wrestling training course. This is not for people that have never stepped foot in a ring before. The cost of the tryout is just $25.

Our 1st Open Tryout took place in November in Rogersville, TN. The winner of the tryout, William Huckaby made his NWA Smoky Mountain singles debut in an NWA National Heavyweight Title Match against Damien Wayne in January and will be wrestling on the March 23 event. 4 other wrestlers who competed in our open tryout have been booked by NWA Smoky Mountain since that time… In other words, unlike a lot of other “tryouts”, we are actually looking for the best talent we can find and the best will be booked.

The tryout will take place at the Civic Auditorium in Kingsport, TN before the NWA Smoky Mountain event that night. Top 10 Ranked NWA Wrestler, “The Wrestling Extraordinaire” Sigmon will be the primary coach for this tryout. This is a great opportunity to not only get a chance to work for NWA Smoky Mountain, but to work with one of the best young wrestlers in the world.

One of the wrestlers from the tryout will be booked that night on the event. That person will be reimbursed their $25 fee.

There is limited space available for the tryout.

To take part is this rare personal opportunity please fill out the following application and email it to us at (you must be over 18 to participate):
Real Name:
Work Name:
Athletic Background:
Wrestling Training:
Years Wrestling:
Promotions Worked For:
Notable Names You’ve Worked:
Any Health Concerns:

If you have links to your matches please feel free to send them as well… We wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing what you got.

For more information visit us at

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