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Daily Discussion: TNA’s Lockdown PPV

Today’s topic: In the past, TNA promoted the one and only all cage matches PPV with their Lockdown offering, but this year, they changed formats. Do you like the original all cage matches format?

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11 Responses

  1. VDT says:

    Anyone else think President is a strange term for the leader of Aces and 8’s? unless they actually held a mini election for it!

  2. Cold says:

    Not all of those matches belonged in a cage, the cage wasn’t utilized correctly. Isn’t the purpose of a cage to keep the competitors inside and those who might interfere out. I don’t recall much use of the cage as a weapon. They?must play up that aspect otherwise its just a visual obstruction to viewers

  3. MC Live says:

    I prefer all cage as a fan. It was special and it worked. For the wrestlers it’s tough to stand out when they’re all cage matches, but I still liked it. And for it to take off the way it did, it worked

  4. thrilledfan says:

    Two words for sucked bully ray pres of aces and eights..really? Of all the people that it could of been.

  5. steve says:

    I didn’t see the main event match, but I didn’t see a drop of blood in any other I don’t believe.

  6. Starman says:

    While I was happy that Bully Ray finally achieved world title status, I was very disappointed in the execution of it.

    First, he was playing one of the best heels in wrestling today, so why then did TNA have to turn him face to chase the world title? Simple, no faith in their booking process!

    Secondly, the foreshadowing was horrendous. Between the Respect promos, to the Hogan “make them remember you” speech, and the As&8s look weak against Team TNA, TNA made it obvious that Bully Ray was in A&8’s, if not the leader.

    Follow that with the Indy-Looking cage, that keeps no one in OR out, what is the point of having a “Lockdown” show. Hell, you had 2 waves of interference in the main event alone. The first wave was thwarted, Bully and Jeff proceed to act as if nothing happened and go back to having a mediocre match, only to have As&8s access the cage AGAIN. Maybe their Hardcore Justice PPV should feature submission wrestling.

    Other than the opener, this was a poor PPV, with poor story telling, and simply a waste of time and money.

  7. The Sheild says:

    TNA really dropped the ball here, the storyline already lost steam a long time ago, but the predictable events last night killed it. Ur telling me those damn Dudleys masterminded this whole scheme, break up & all, just to reform but each with singles belts. That was a round about year long process, suck a poor end when u could of had someone like Young it Roode lead the group. Better yet bring back Brian Kendrick, he would of made perfect sense as the bitter leader of Aces & 8’s

  8. Neumanrko9 says:

    I like the new format of not having every single match inside a cage because it gives the matches that are inside the cage a lot bigger feel to them that they deserve, also isn’t a roof supposed to lower on the lethal lockdown matches because it didn’t last night I thought that’s what they always did

  9. motorhead says:

    ok. If vince or patterson were booking this swerve they would have played the obvious bully ray turn like they did austin before survivor series 2001 then had BROOKE turn heel, a hardcore version of the failed eve turn after ryder/kane/cena, and destroy hogan/ray. This bully ray swerve was as poorly executed and shallow as the supposed sting turn around fall brawl 96 inside the wargames. Wcw dropped that ball like tna dropped this one. A good swerve is playing up the predictable and going the other way, like survivor series 2001 with angle or AJ turning on cena. Those were pretty good. This bully ray swerve is no nWo or anything close. Angle would have been a GREAT swerve. No one would have seen that coming. And based on the size of the main masked guy it had to be either ray, joe, or abyss. Tna doesn’t have many big guys like that.

  10. Guled says:

    the whole point of lockdown is the steel cages! so no I don’t like this format

  11. -J- says:

    after a while you get tired of straining to look through the damn cage and there’s only so many “awesome” cage spots you can do during a show…its overkill but hey whatever floats yer boat tna fans.

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