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Announced attendance for TNA’s Lockdown

At last night’s Lockdown PPV in San Antonio, TX, TNA claimed a new attendance record with 6,700 present at the Alamadome. Dave Meltzer noted that the company had previously claimed that 8,000 a couple of times was their record attendance figure during a recent tour of the UK.

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  1. rufuskjones says:

    they said that it was a north american record

  2. Fairfax says:

    I believe this was their largest US crowd.

  3. Mike says:

    I think Lockdown 2008 had more

  4. John says:

    Was that paid or paper? Lots of times promotions include their ticket give aways as attendance records. How wrong?

  5. Jempires One says:

    Hats off to them, I rip them a lot and usually deservedly so, but that’s a nice number. Even subtracting comps that means 5.000-5,500 paid.

  6. joe says:

    How many paid?

  7. TheGreatOne says:

    Lockdown broke not just the US attendance record, but even the UK attendance record. The UK attendance record was 8,100, so it had to be bigger than 8,100. Even if you wouldn’t want to believe that, the crowd was obviously a lot more than 6,700. You’ve got to be blind if you think there were just 6,700 that night.

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