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3/11 Monday Night Raw Live Coverage

Raw opens with Justin Roberts asking the crowd to stand as they remember Paul Bearer.

A video package airs honoring Paul Bearer’s career with comments from Vince McMahon, Joey Styles, Dolph Ziggler, Brodus Clay, Jerry Lawler, Gene Okerlund, Kofi Kingston, Undertaker and The Miz.

Out of the video package, shots of the crowd applauding Bearer.

Undertaker’s music hits. He comes to the stage in full gear and walks to the ring. In the ring is an urn resting on a table. Undertaker walks to the urn, drops to one knee and gives it his salute while the Paul Bearer graphic appears on titan tron.

As Undertaker is in the ring, CM Punk’s music hits and he walks on to the stage.

Punk starts by telling the crowd to calm down. Says the crowd misunderstands why he’s out there. Punk says he wanted to extend his condolences to the Undertaker. He said he wanted to apologize for Undertaker’s loss … at Wrestlemania.

Punk says the silver lining is that without Paul Bearer, Undertaker will always be perfect. But to everyone else, in four weeks, Undertaker will be 20-1.

Punk says the night after Wrestlemania there will be no tributes. There will be a video about him, and that in 50 years, everyone’s grandchildren will be asking them where they were when CM Punk beat the streak.


Back from commercial, a recap of Punk’s interaction with the crowd that was shown on WWE’s app during the break. Kane comes out and almost chokeslammed Punk off the stage, but he narrowly escaped and ran backstage.

Back live, Kane is shown ripping apart the backstage. He asks 3MB and the entire locker room where CM Punk is.

Match 1: Big Show vs. Seth Rollins
Big show whips Rollins into the corner. Rollins keeps charging Show but Show shoves him off. Show tosses Rollins to the outside and starts to attack other members of the Shield. Before long, the rest of the Shield attacks and the bell rings. Show fights them all off on the outside and it’s just Ambrose and Show in the ring. Ambrose putting the boots to Show. He goes to lift him but Show slams him. Rollins off the top and Show catches him for a chokeslam but Reigns hits Show with a spear and they stand over him. … Ambrose and Rollins pick Show up and Rollins grabs his legs as Shield hits the powerbomb.
Winner: Big Show via disqualification at 0:41

CM Punk is backstage complaining to Vickie Guerrero about Kane. Vickie says that tonight, Punk will have to ask Kane for mercy, because he’s going to face him in a No Disqualification match.


Match 2: Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler
Back live Ziggler is in control of Bryan in a chinlock. Bryan slingshots Ziggler into the corner. Bryan with kicks to the midsection. Reversal by Dolph but Bryan flips himself up and off the turnbuckle. Bryan charges Ziggler in the corner but Ziggler gets a boot to the face .Bryan back in control with more kicks to Ziggler’s midsection. Bryan goes for the cover but only 2. Bryan goes for a suplex off the top but Ziggler reverses it into a modified cross-body. Ziggler has Bryan’s back and he’s landing elbows. Bryan goes for the no lock but AJ is up on the apron. Langston pulls ZIggler’s foot over to the ropes, the ref sees it, and makes it break the hold. Ziggler rolls up Bryan and grabs the tights but only a 2. After up-and-down action Ziggler hits the zig-zag and gets the 3 count.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler via pinfall at 11:32

After the match, Langston picks up Bryan and lands his finisher.

Michael Cole throws to a video recapping the Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar feud.


Tensai makes his way to the ring with Brodus Clay. Justin Roberts announces that his opponent tonight is Fandango.

Fandango comes on the stage.

Fandango says he won’t come to the ring because Tensai mispronounced his name. And, on top of that, Tensai is a disgrace the world of “donce.” He says even the people in the midwest, who don’t know anything about the world of art, would agree that Tensai and Clay are an abomination.

Tensai says he’ll go to the ring when Naomi gets his name right. He says Naomi is better than Clay and Tensai. Naomi takes the mic but Tensai rips it away and yells at Fandango. Fandango tells the crowd that Tesai just cost everyone the chance to see a match with “Fawndawngo”

Now Michael Cole says he went online during the commercial to buy tickets to the GI Joe movie starring – you guessed it — the Rock. Now we see a trailer for GI Joe.


Back from commercial Rhodes Scholars is in the ring. Rhodes and Sandow mock New Age Outlaws’ entrance.

Match 3: New Age Outlaws vs. Rhodes Scholars
Rhodes Scholars with the advantage early in the match. Dogg hits a stiff right. Rhodes comes back with a knee off the second rope. … Then Brock Lesnar’s music hits. Cody looks scared the death in the ring. Lesnar coming to the ring. Rhodes Scholars bail. Only the Outlaws are in the ring. Billy Gunn goes after Lesnar to protect Road Dogg, who is down from the knee. Lesnar hits the F-5 on Gunn. Lesnar grabs Dogg and hits an F-5.
Winner: New Age Outlaws via disqualification

Paul Heyman in the ring with Lesnar while the Outlaws are out in the ring. Heyman says Lesnar doesn’t play “games” he hurts people. Heyman cites Lesnar breaking HBK’s arm. Heyman cites Lesnar breaking Vince McMahon’s hip. Heyman says now the last traces of D-X lay beaten in the ring. He says everyone wants to know if Lesnar will fight HHH at Wrestlemania … Heyman says the answer is YES! Heyman says there is a “but” attached to it though. The match is on only if Lesnar and Heyman can name the stipulations and Lesnar won’t tell them stipulations until after HHH signs the contract. Heyman says HHH either blindly accepts the challenge, or he disappoints all of the fans and his wife, and his children and his father-in-law and most of all, he’d disappoint himself.

Match 4: Mark Henry vs. Kofi Kingston
Mark Henry is immediately on the offensive. Splashes Kofi in the corner. More like squashes, if you get my drift here … Henry with a bear hug on Kofi. Smashes him into the corner. Kofi to the the outside.Kofi knocks Henry into the post. Flies off the steps and takes out Henry. Kofi to the top rope and gets caught by Henry, who slams him. Worlds Strongest Slam. 1-2-3.
Winner: Mark Henry via pinfall

Rhodes Scholars re-introduces the Bella Twins as their new … girlfriends?

Vickie welcomes them back. Says the Rhodes Scholars match got cut short, so she’s putting them in a match with Sheamus and Randy Orton.


Match 5: Ryback vs. Heath Slater

Mark Henry comes out on the stage to watch. Ryback squashes Slater.
Winner: Ryback

After the match, Ryback and Henry each hit McIntyre with their finisher … twice … before staring each other down.


Back from break and we get a trailer for “The Call.”


Match 6: Alberto Del Rio vs. Antonio Cesaro
Del Rio controlling Cesaro for much of the match. He looks for the cross-armbreaker but Cesaro counters. Del Rio has Cesaro tied up in the ropes and he is right hands in the kidney. Backbreaker off the rope. Two count. Del Rio goes to the outside and climbs to the top. Dives but Cesaro counters with an elbow. Cover and literally a 2-7/8 count for Cesaro. Really close. Cesaro up now. Cesaro goes for the German but it’s countered and Del Rio applies the armbreaker. Cesaro’s tapping.
Winner: Alberto Del Rio via submission

Backstage Kane is with Josh Matthews. Josh says this must be a troubling time. Kane is just holding the urn. Doesn’t speak. Then looks up at Matthews, then back down at the urn and walks away. Michael Cole calls it “quiet rage.”


Back from break, we get a video going over Rock-Cena feud.


Back from break we recap the Rhodes Scholars match from earlier that was interrupted by Lesnar.

Match 7: Sheamus & Randy Orton vs. Rhodes Scholars
Sandow starts with a side headlock. Whip into the ropes and Orton counters with an elbow. Sheamus tags in and he’s almost immediately stuck in the corner getting double-teamed. Sheamus starts a comeback on Rhodes now. Suplex and a 2 count. Sheamus picks Rhodes up by his nose. Sheamus then gets dumped over the top when Sandow pulls the rope. Rhodes with the cover back in the ring and it’s only a 1 count. Sandow tags in. Big elbows while Sheamus is on the mat. Sandow covers for the 2 count. Cody tags in and lands a knee. Another 2 count. Cody goes for the hiptoss off the rope but Sheamus lands a clothesline. Sheamus tags Orton. Orton coming back on Cody. Powerslam. Orton glances back at Sandow and hits Cody with a suplex but only a 2-count on the cover. Orton sets Cody up for the DDT off the second rope buy Sandow makes the save. Orton takes out Sandow on the outside and Cody comes out and throws Orton into the post. ody working on Orton now on the outside by the announcers. Back in the ring and Sandow tags in. Big knees from Sandow. Sandow covers Orton for a 2 count. Side Russian Leg Sweep from Sandow. Sandow goes for the elbow, nails it, 2-count. Tags Cody back in. Cody working Orton over with kicks. Cody goes for the suplex but drops Orton frontwards. Cody goes up top and gets caught by Orton, as he hits the ropes and Cody crotches the turnbuckle. Orton goes to the top rope for the superplex. Nails it. Orton reaching for a tag. Crowd really behind Orton and Sheamus. Orton reaching, Sheamus reaching, and there’s the tag. Here comes Sandow with teh tag as well and Sheamus is lighting up Sandow with big rights. Sheamus has Sandow setup for the big chest chops with Sandow on the outside of the ropes. He yanks Sandow back in. Sheamus sets up the White Noise and lands it on Sandow. But he’s too close to the ropes. Sandow back up. Sheamus charges and goes for the Brogue kick after Orton takes care of Cody. 1-2-3.
Winners: Randy Orton and Sheamus via pinfall


We see highlights of The Shield attacking Sheamus and Orton during the break.

We now see Tout messages of fans thanking Paul Bearer and sharing memories.

Back in the arena, Chris Jericho is coming to the ring for a “Highlight Reel” segment. Miz and Wade Barrett are his guests.

Jericho shows clips from The Marine 3 saying it looks “awesome.” Out comes the Miz. He’s sort of hopping, or walking strangely, to the ring. Cole points out that Miz has been on a nationwide tour promoting the movie.

Miz says it’s nice to be a guest and not a host. Jericho says he used to have a lot more furniture, but he guesses there are budget issues. Jericho says first-day sales blow studio projections out of the water. Out comes Wade Barrett. Barrett, as he walks to the ring, says he has to be kidding. Barrett says Miz isn’t even a real actor. He says his movie, Dead Man Down, opened in the top-5 at the box office. Barrett then shows a clip.

Barrett says he’s rejected dozens of Hollywood offers because “he’s too busying being Wade Barrett.” Whatever that means. Miz does his “really really really” schtick. Miz says Barrett only keeps bringing up his movie because he hasn’t won a match in weeks and soon Barrett will lose the IC title. Then Jericho does the “really really” thing. Cole says, “how bad is this?” And for the first time ever I agree with Michael Cole about something.

Barret tells Jericho to shut up. Jericho pulls his jacket off. Jericho says to Barrett he needs to remind him who he is talking to. Jericho says he brought Barrett in. He helped him win the first NXT. Jericho says he’s a 9-time IC champion. 9 times. More than any performer in the history of this company. 9 times. Maybe he’ll make it 10. Jericho challenges Barrett but Brad Maddox interrupts and says to knock it off. Maddox says he has an announcement. Calls him and Vickie “Brickie.”

Cole says “this may be the worst segment in the history of Raw.” I agree.

Maddox says next week Barrett will face the winner Jericho-Miz next week. Lawler and Cole are literally, on the air, begging to go to commercial because this segment is so bad.

Finally, they go to break.


Match 8: Chris Jericho vs. The Miz
We come back from break and we’re in the middle of the match. Jericho goes for a bulldog and Miz runs him into the corner then comes back with a series of clotheslines. Jericho now with shoulder blocks. He goes up and hits an ax-handle off he top. Jericho charges Miz and gets a boot. 2 count. Jericho boot to Miz’ midsection and then hits a running bulldog. Jericho goes for the Lionsault but Miz gets his knees up. Miz charges Jericho in the corner but gets caught and Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho, but Miz kicks him off. Miz goes for the Figure Four but Jericho rolls out of it. Jericho goes for the Walls again, Miz turns it into a small package for a 2 count. Jericho goes for the Walls again while Miz punches him in the head. Now he has it locked in. Miz is holding on but in serious pain. In the middle of the ring. He’s crawling to the ropes now. He makes it to the ropes. Action spills to the outside now. Miz charges Jericho, he ducks, and Miz crashes into Barrett. Jericho lands a right forearm. Barrett now attacks both men. Barrett throws Jericho back in the ring. Miz lands a left hand on Barrett and Jericho slides through the bottom rope, kicking him on to the announce table. Back in the ring, Miz lands a skull-crushing finale on Barrett. Jericho then hits the Codebreaker on Barrett.
Winner: No Contest via outside interference

Michael Cole throws to a Del Rio/Ricard YOutube video, mocking Zeb and Swagger.

Ricardo, dressed as Zeb, points to Del Rio, dressed as Swagger. Richardo says he has an important message. About a threat. Ricardo says he means Mexican food. He knows it’s delicious, but he says it’s a plot against America. When you walk into a Mexican restaurant, Ricardo Zeb says their real American bellies can’t handle the food. Now Del Rio keeps saying he wants pizza and tacos and burritos and then he starts saying We the People.

Backstage Swagger and Zeb are on their way to the ring.


We come back and Sin Cara is in the ring. Here comes Jack Swagger and Zeb.

On the way to the ring, Zeb says he’s not in a good mood and neither is Jack. He says he’s looking at (Sin Cara) a big problem in this country. He says Sin Cara doesn’t have the decency to learn english, but was welcomed by the fans anyway. Zeb says he has a nice little entrance and he bounces around like a nice little Mexican jumping bean. Zeb says he knows people think the same way about him. Zeb blames the fans for enabling. Zeb says if no one wants to say it, he’ll say it. Now he turns his attention to Del Rio, who said he was born in Mexican but made in America. He says the only thing he made was Zeb aware of how things need to change in this country. Swagger says he will usher in that change on April 2nd at ‘Mania. He then welcomes us to Jack Swagger’s America. Then says We the People.

Match 10: Jack Swagger vs. Sin Cara
Sin Cara charges with kicks to open the match. Cara lands an elbow. During the match, Cole says Vickie made a 3-way for the IC title next week. Action spills to the outside. Cara charges off the top to the outside, landing on Swagger. Sin Cara looks hurt. Nope he’s OK. Sin Cara defintely bashed his face off the floor, though. Now back in the ring, Cara goes for something off the top but Swagger catches him. Now in the corner Cara catches Swagger with a kick. Cara goes up top again, flies and gets booted by Swagger. Swagger puts his leg on the ropes and drops a huge elbow. Swagger applies the Patriot Lock. Tapout.
Winner: Jack Swagger via submission

After the match Swagger won’t let go of the hold. Here come Del Rio. BRAWL!

Swagger starts to get the best of Del Rio but he reverses and gets the Cross-Arm Breaker. Zeb makes the save and Swagger bails. Del Rio screaming for Swagger to get into the ring.

Now we get an exclusive interview with Halle Berry about “The Call.”

In the middle of the interview David Otunga calls Halle. Otunga says he shared her cell with someone. He hangs up. Berry gets another call and it’s from Kane. Kane says he knows where she lives. He then asks why she never returns her fan mail. Halle asks if he’s the crazy guy in the red mask. Kane says maybe. Halle says he wrote his home address was the “depths of hell.” He says it’s the opposite of where Santa lives. Halle then sets off Kane’s pyro in the ring.


Match 11: CM Punk vs. Kane in a No Disqualification Match
Punk immediately attacks as they brawl on the outside. Kane disassembles the table and here comes Punk with the ring bell to Kane’s midsection. Punk off the barrier and ax-handles Kane. Punk stares at the urn. Punk gets up and meets him with a TV monitor to the gut. Kane with some boots. He slams a piece of the table over Punk’s back. Kane rolls Punk on the apron and nails him with some elbows to the throat. Punk rolls back in the ring. kane in as well. Kane with knees to Punk in the corner. Kane puts Punk on the top rope and lands a right hand. He sets up Punk for a superplex but Punk landing some punches. Punk rakes the eyes and shoves Kane off the 2nd rope. Punk climbs to the top and lands a Macho Man elbow. 1…2… kickout. Punk with kicks to Kane’s legs. Punk working on Kane’s knees. Kane is down in the corner, Punk goes to the other corner and lands the high running knee to Kane. Punk lines Kane up again and lands a second high running knee. Punk goes for a bulldog, blocked, and Kane tosses Punk over the top.


Back from the break, Kane and Punk going back and forth. Punk lands a flying forearm off the top. 1-2- kickout. Punk grabs a chair that’s in the ring. He sets it up in the corner between the 2nd and top rope. Right hand by Punk. Another right. Punk goes to whip Kane into the chair setup in the corner but Kane reverses it, sending Punk into the chair. Punk’s up, charges Kane, Kane lands a clothesline. Kane whipping Punk to the corners and following up with a clothesline each time. Kane clotheslines Punk to the outside, in front of the announce table. Kane snatches Punk, tosses him into the barrier. Kane throws a chair into the ring. Kane throws three chairs into the ring. Punk counters Kane, bouncing Kane’s head off the chair with a DDT. Punk goes for the cover, 1…2… KICKOUT. Punk reversed a chokeslam into a DDT. Punk as the chair, hits Kane in the stomach with it. Now across the back. Kane’s down. Punk mocks Undertaker, using the thumb across the throat routine. Kane up, grabs Punk, but Punk lanes a kick to kane’s temple. Punk signaling for the GTS.


Undertaker’s bell hits, scares teh crap out of Punk, he’s distracting. CHOKESLAM by Kane. 1-2-3. Kane wins.

Winner: Kane via pinfall

Instead of Kane’s music. ‘Taker’s music hits and he comes out on to the stage.

Paul Bearer shown on the screen while Kane ( in the ring) and Undertaker (on the stage) get down on one knee to honor Bearer.

But Punk comes in the ring and starts beating Kane with the urn. Here comes ‘Taker to the ring. Taker gets in and Punk bails, holding the urn. ‘Taker checkes on Kane. Now he’s staring at Punk. Punk looking at the urn and now Punk gets down on one knee and does Taker’s pose.

Undertaker rolles his eyes back and runs his thumb across his throat.

We go to credits.

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