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More former TNA Knockouts declining to return

We had previously reported that former TNA knockouts Angelina Love and Traci Brooks declined offers to return for a planned all-women’s TNA PPV. In addition, reports that Awesome Kong (Kharma in WWE) and Nikki Roxx have also declined to be apart of the all knockouts pay-per-view.

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  1. Y_set says:

    LOL! All top knockouts are declining. Now who are they going to show ? Taylor Wilde ? Rhaka Khan ? Sojo Bolt ? Raeesha Saed ? Jenna Morasca ?

  2. david r. says:

    So…which knockouts WILL appear? The current ones? Great ppv special…

  3. Boogeyman says:

    And I thought most females hated wwe divas division. Apparently they hate knockouts too!

  4. art123guy says:

    I could see why some might not want to come back for good, but for 1 PPV? Seems kinda crazy to not wanna be part of an all women’s PPV.

  5. Freeman Cooper says:

    Well, this is what you get when you have someone who’s not involved in wrestling as the head of a wrestling company. These Knockouts realize that Dixie no longer cares about the Knockouts division, that it’s only about the older, established talent, especially the male wrestlers.

  6. Agent Cooper says:

    Good for them. TNA’s treatment of the Knockouts division has been disgraceful since Hogan & Bischoff took control. The division historically produced the best ratings for Impact, yet the new regime in their infinate wisdom tossed aside most of the Knockouts that made that division great. Going back to TNA for a one-off special is equivalent to going back to an abusive boyfriend, so good for them for not wanting to be part of that nonsense.

  7. Josh Dionio says:

    I don’t blame Nikki. The way they kept using her or lack there ofwas horrible.

  8. Meh says:

    Would be interesting to see how WWE would react if Lita and Trish Stratus showed up that TNA PPV and then somehow both got signed to a long term contract with TNA.

    Because if it made them unavailable for WWE’s future Raw episodes and WWE games where WWE likes to bring back the same boring two then hopefully it would force WWE to look at other former WWE divas from WWE’s past.

  9. Jempires One says:

    Weird… they must really hate TNA because options for women to make money in the ring are extremely limited.

  10. StunningSteve says:

    Can you blame them? Since Hogan came in they have put the Knockouts on the backburner. They aren’t WWE level yet but they certainly aren’t geting treated great.

  11. cool arrow says:

    As long as Jenna Morasca comes back, I’ll be happy. I really miss her unique arm flailing slaps of death.

  12. Drew says:

    TNA should give some of the indy women wrestlers a chance.

  13. KiLLewskitt says:

    Man.. it’s a shame they don’t even wanna be there for just a “one night stand” style show. I’m sure Shimmer tried to encourage Nikki & Kong (in good spirit), but they probably still refused. TNA is apparently not all that much better than WWE in treatment of women.

  14. Jau says:

    Roxxi was extremely underrated in TNA. Kong left on bad terms after Hogan & his piece of **** friend Bubba the Love Sponge screwed her.

  15. Ian says:

    So pretty much Taylor Wilde is the only good one left…everyone else is pretty much crap if all those former champs and top KOs are declining.

  16. Hipnosis says:

    TNA needs to change plans and cancel the all women’s PPV. This is what happens when you have a great women’s division and then you just f**k them over and treat them wrong.

  17. Revboy says:

    What a dumb idea in the first place! Who would pay good money to see a Knock-Outs ppv? They have very little talent (except for some gynnastics), their matches are very weak and they look like cheap hookers. Gail Kim is the one exception – she has real talent and has kept her own breasts!

  18. really? says:

    Just have Sarita vs. Alissa Flash in a ladder match and take my money.

    Kong obviously plans on going back to WWE. What these other girls are thinking, I don’t know. The Knockout division hasn’t been booked well in the last couple of years (though still better than the Divas) but it’s not like these ladies have a lot of options. Nikki Roxx, though talented, is unlikely to get a call from the WWE at this point. The same with Angelina Love…who actually was booked well for most of her stints in TNA.

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