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Daily Discussion: Best announcing team

Today’s topic: We have enjoyed many great announcing teams over the years. Who is your all time favorite announcing team? JR and The King? Vince and Jesse? Or perhaps the duo pictured above?

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  1. havok says:

    jr and lawler were a fantastic duo, but heenan and gorilla were the best

  2. jim says:

    Tazz cole and booker t lol

  3. Max says:

    Mike Adamle!

  4. The Sheild says:

    I wasn’t alive at the time, or was a baby in his last few years, either way I’ve heard the work of Gordon Solee(not sure how it’s spelled) & he was amazing. He was like a prototype for the best announcers of our time, JR/Lawler & Gorilla/Heenan plus Joey Styles all tie at 2nd for me.

  5. Max says:

    CM Punk, Cole and The King! Hahaha CM Punk made a bland team awesome.

  6. Gazz says:

    For me, Gorilla and The Brain are the best ever, with Jr and the King a very close 2nd

  7. Greg says:

    Your picture nailed it – Bobby & Gorilla. 1992 Royal Rumble and WrestleMania VIII had some of the best back-and-forth between those two.

  8. Sinnful says:

    Bobby Hennan and Gorilla Monsoon

  9. Chris Wiliiams says:

    Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon were amazing! As stated above, Gordon Solie was a one man announce team in his own right. I even enjoyed the WCW lineup of Tenay, Heenan, and Schiavone, even though Tony was a total waste, Tenay and Hennan saved him. Ventura with Monsoon was entertaining as well. Last prop goes to Joey Styles…OOOOOHHH MMMYYY GODDDD!!!!

  10. Scott II says:

    Monsoon and Heenan. Monsoon, like Vince McMahon, was too overly face as an commentator, but pair him with an overly heel commentator, it worked out well. With Heenan though, they made commentating magic every time they were paired together. They were PERFECT for eachother. You could have a very boring match, but you’d still watch it just to hear these two bicker at eachother.

  11. Lovesickblues3 says:

    JR & King,,, call me crazy but I also really enjoyed the pairing in XWF of Tony Shiavone and Jerry Lawler

  12. Jason says:

    My favorite team? Joey Styles, solo.

  13. Guled says:

    Josh Matthews & Ernest “The Cat” Miller on velocity
    somebody call my mama

  14. Jess says:

    Jesse Ventura and gorilla monsoon

  15. Meh says:

    WWE: Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

    NWA: Jim Ross and Mike Tenay (If I remember correctly they teamed together for commentatary for the 1988 Great American Bash PPV. I swear I heard them both talking during the Tower of Doom match when WWE Vintage Collection showed that match.)

    ECW: Joey Styles

    WCW: Mike Tenay and Bobby Heenan

    TNA: Taz and Mike Tenay

  16. MC Live says:

    Gorilla and Bobby Heenan ties with JR and King for me. King was such a great heel commentator especially when he could say whatever he wanted. Puppies! And Bobby Heenan was so entertaining, and Gorilla Monsoon was a perfect foil for him. Equally great teams

  17. Zach says:

    World Wrestling Allstars had the best duo ever with JB and Madden

  18. woooo! says:

    Tony schivonne and david crockett from the tbs studios!!!!

    Mean gene and the brain.

    Jim ross when he was in the uwf/mid south

  19. Stevie E. says:

    JR’S the best ever.Best team jesse v and discussion

  20. Neumanrko9 says:

    no one better than JR and The King

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