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Daily Discussion: Zack Ryder

Today’s topic: You are made the boss in WWE. How are you best going to utilize Zack Ryder? Big push? New gimmick or storyline? Or do you simply future endeavor him?

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20 Responses

  1. Nick A says:

    Use him. Zack is the perfect guy to use as the modern day Jake Roberts. As a face, Jake was always the guy that feuded with the guy they were building to fight Hogan. Put Zack in a strong program and let him get over while he’s used to build guys like Cesaro, Sandow and Barrett in to guys ready to take on Sheamus or Cena.

  2. Meh says:

    Give him a tennis gimmick. He already looks like a palette swap tennis player (because he is wearing purple instead of white, wears tenns shoes and and a headband) with how he is dressed.

    Zack could be shown in backstage skits by hitting a tennis ball against a wall as his unique way of warming up) as it fits in with the way Ryder is dressed.

    Also have Jim Cornette manage.

    If he doesn’t like that then I would future endeavor him and nothing of value would be lost.

  3. Chewie215 says:

    Give him a run as us champ again then bulid him to worldheavyweight champ for a few months. People like him and he is good on,the mic. Or win money in the bank as us champ then,have,him drop us title and cash in on cena and turn,heel and feud with him. Ryder is,under,used I liked his,us title run now lets see more.

  4. Eoin says:

    Has he not already not got the perfect gimmick for him? A hugely popular on social media underdog, albeit a new kind of role in WWE due to social media aspect!

    They should be pushing the whole, he never appears on RAW or PPV, and he should be winning on all other shows, and have an anti Vince/HHH/Creative chip on his shoulder, where he actually does heelish things to get on the show.

    So, for months, he builds as a fan favourite/underdog that can’t even get TV, then goes full fledged heel, turning his back on all fans in order to get airtime!

  5. machine says:

    I don’t know why WWE dropped the ball. Vince said to grab the brass ring and he did. He was #3 in merch sales behind only Cena and Punk. He had a popular youtube show and now has over a million twitter followers. Yet ther than a US title run that lasted a few weeks, he has been a jobber. Ryder would make a great mid tier guy.

    The only thing I don’t like is his themesong (oh radio)

  6. thrilledfan says:

    Whoo whoo whoo…overrated.

  7. ManWhale says:

    Make him g.m. of saturday morning slam. he’s perfect to run that show and that’s the angle of the show for now, so why not? and i’d have him host internet preshows and random dvd commentary.. either that or have him be in a broken back or broken neck angle then like a year later have him do pretty much the brock lesnar-hardcore holly angle

  8. Adurka Durk says:

    Thumbs down.


  9. Guled says:

    I have two ideas.

    1) have zack get his own faction with chi, big o, prisco, even his dad. run the mid-card division for a while.

    2) reunite him with hawkins by calling them broski bros x)

  10. Scott II says:

    Me personally, I don’t like him. Anybody that reminds me of anyone on the Jersey Shore sucks in my eyes…

    But he was over with the people. At the least, give him a reasonable push. Could the guy be a legit WWE or World Title holder? No, but I’d think he’d be good for IC or US title runs.

  11. MC Live says:

    Oh Radio when does my contract let me go!

    In all seriousness he’s a very talented performer and he should be utilized to the max. He should have gone way farther after his US title run last year, and whoever blocked him is a freaking moron for not seeing his potential, and I think it’s Triple H. The people running the show have to realize, it’s not what they think that matters, but what the fans think, and the fans love Zack Ryder. Now, he might need a slight gimmick change, but it’s not too late.

  12. -J- says:

    you do the inevitable fans and wwe don’t respect me heel turn and have him attack a face try and get over as a heel and demand respect blah blah…wwe likes lame comedy acts so he’ll be a jobber clown til he is future endeavor.

  13. Eoin says:

    Also agree that he should be paired with Hawkins, and go into Tag Team scene, its probably the best use for him! It could be funny him trying to educate Hawkins about Social Media :)

  14. Meh says:

    I rather see Curt Hawkins get a 30 day US reign first just so he beats Ryder’s undeserved US reign.

  15. Travis says:

    Tone down the gimmick, open up real person. Push hard. The stars have aligned for this kid. HHH will connect the dots.

  16. Greg says:

    I never see them pushing him as a player in the singles competition. It is a shame that WWE does not have a real commitment at this time to a tag team division. Give him a partner and a manager, I think you would have something. I can not get over how much he reminds me of Billy Gunn.

  17. deathedge says:

    I would revamp his gimmick a little bit, make him more a bit more serious but he would still have a goofy side. I would give him a US Title run, put him in a feud with Cesaro (who whover is US Champ at the time) and just go based on reactions. If he’s still getting over with the fans, I consider pulling the trigger on a World Heavyweight or WWE title run. If he doesn’t, then he’s a jobber.

    You see, my issue with Ryder is WWE did give him a big chance and I suppose to be fair the storyline he was given made him look like a total loser, but it just didn’t seem to me that he was looking to make the most of it, which also resulted in his overness going downward. Note that after he got took off TV, his overness just went right back up. He might be a guy that the fans want to see… until they actually see him.

    Ryder’s the first guy to really use social media to his benefit, but a big part of that is he’s the little kid that wants to play with the big boys, but the powers that be don’t allow him to do so. When they decide to let him do it, you see he’s still just a boy, not ready for that level. So, if I gave him a chance again, and he failed to impress yet again, then I’d just have to get rid of him, or use him as a jobber. If I use him as a jobber and keep him off the main shows, he gets over again, people buy his shirts, and I make more money. If that’s the honest extent of his usefulness, then I’m more then happy to use it until Rydermania dies down.

  18. DBRude says:

    @ Machine – Maybe Vince is ashamed of his own “Broski” days, and he’s trying to bury Ryder ’cause he’s trying to bury his own, fist-pumping past!

    Anyway, TNA didn’t follow up on the whole Robbie E & T deal so well, so maybe they can find Ryder a juggernaut of a partner (HIS bouncer), turn him heel, and feud them with Kane & Bryan–another David & Goliath team.

    By breaking up Team Rhodes Scholars and de-pushing the P.T.P., there’s nobody left for Kane and Bryan to feud with, but each other. And didn’t Kane put Ryder on the shelf last year? They could play off of that. With Kane being a face now, he becomes the sympathetic figure. Maybe he tries to make amends with Ryder, as part of his commitment to anger management therapy, but Ryder becomes so dead-set on revenge, the fans despise him for it.

    Or, if they don’t want to lose the merchandise sales, they could have him work his way up to a mid-card title, feud with the champion for a while, and WIN the championship. Pretty simple.

  19. Asterik says:

    I would turn him heel and have him interfere in the match between the Rock and Cena at Wrestlemania 29, then after Wrestlemania we will see an ongoing feud between Cena and Ryder.

  20. cas says:

    man I hate i missed this one a few days ago!! I’ve been thinking about this for a while. same gimmick he fits that well, however…heel turn making him more cocky. pair him with brad maddox and his camera man. they could do live touts during matches, tweet during a pin, or before a hot tag. they could basically re-do edge and christan with a social media twist.

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