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Current TNA Champion’s Contract Expired; Status for Lockdown Uncertain

According to, current TNA Tag Team Champion Bobby Roode’s contract with TNA has expired, which explains why Roode has not been on TNA TV since The UK Impact tapings.

This makes Roode’s status for Lockdown tomorrow night unknown, however he is scheduled to defend the Tag Team titles along with Austin Aries against Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez and Daniels & Kazarian in a three way tag match.

According to the report, TNA Talent Relations head Bruce Prichard allowed Roode’s contract to expire, and Roode had to actually bring it to the attention of TNA officials, which could end up costing TNA a lot of money if/when Roode signs a new deal.

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22 Responses

  1. Chewie215 says:

    Wwe bound

  2. -J- says:


  3. Hipnosis says:

    Thanks Bruce….. -_-

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    If WWE is smart, they pony up big bucks and sign him. It really won’t matter how good of a wrestler he is (even though we all know he is), it’s more about stealing a current champion from TNA and making them look bad.

  5. Asterik says:

    Future WWE champion in the making? I would love to see Roode in the WWE, but if he goes over there Vince and his cronies are gonna bury and ruin him but I can still dream right?

  6. cold says:

    they can’t afford to lose Roode, He is one of the Top 3 most talented wrestlers in TNA maybe #1, Dixie should top whatever she gave Hardy because Roode has delivered Time after time…For Him and Aries to be buried in a Tag-Team/Mid-Card shuffle is beyond absurd.

  7. MC Live says:

    That is one of the dumbest moves that TNA could possibly make. If I were WWE is sign him because he is a great talent and could make money for them pretty quickly. I think WWE should put pressure on TNA by doing stuff like that too. If TNA feels the pressure, they either fold, or get better. Either way is a win for the business. Talented guys like Roode, Joe, AJ, Aries, Storm, Daniels, and a bunch of other “TNA” guys don’t get what they deserve b/c of the ex-WWE guys getting spots that WWE didn’t give them. The TNA guys deserve the spots. The WWE guys didn’t get them, because they didn’t earn them in WWE. If I were WWE, I’d get a few million dollars rounded up and start booking Bobby Roode on Monday and Friday Nights pretty damn soon

  8. jim says:

    Wow. Wwe should jumpball over this. Ig will really hurt tna iin a big way. Bazically they gotta make tna overpay for him

  9. Scott says:

    Asterik, Bobby Roode has been on WWE’s radar for some time even before he became TNA World Champion. He’s a dependable main event wrestler with excellent mic work and he wouldn’t have to go to developmental for several months either. Apart from Cena, WWE are really high on guys who can play convincing heels and Roode has that in spades. Roode could potentially work on Raw tomorrow night and end up with a title match at Wrestlemania. Apart from changing his submission finisher (crossface because that whole, you know, thing that WWE don’t talk about) and maybe his main finisher (perfectplex), and maybe the spinebuster move he shares with HHH (borrowed from Arn Anderson) he would do very well and personally I’d love to see him in World Title feuds with Punk, Bryan, Jericho, Ziggler. However, if TNA let Roode go to WWE, you have to wonder what Bruce Prichard is playing at. Dixie Carter and the shareholders wouldn’t be happy to lose a superstar of Roode’s caliber.

  10. motorhead says:

    wink wink. Just like d-von’s contract expired and the marks were so certain he’d end up in wwe land. I’ll believe it when i see it. He’s probably a top guy with aces & 8s. Tna, outside of the matches (like wcw in the late 80s, early 90s), sucks a boig one lately. They were so good during the summer then they drove car into oncoming traffic.

  11. trev says:

    what the $£”! are tna doing roode is one of their top stars with a belt and they just let it contract run through without even doing anything to keep him, that is bad business!!! and then book a ppv match with him in it again what are you thinking!!! i just hope they re-sign him asap

  12. T says:

    Hmm just like Devons contract expired??

  13. The Sheild says:

    He should leave on the fact that Bruce did nothing when he’s a top star. It will be a huge blow to TNA, so unless Orton is really signing after Mania they better get him to stay. Btw TNA is privately owned, no share holders.

  14. Science & Violence says:

    LoL@Thinking WWE would actually use Roode. He’d be stuck on NXT and IF he’s ever on the main roster he’ll be named Bob Rods with some wacky infantile gimmick.

  15. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    I believe Bobby Roode (or Rude? in WWE) can make an impact on the WWE universe, no pun intended. @Science & Violence, Roode is 36 years old and has 15 years worth of experience, why would a NXT stint even be necessary for a veteran like him, how many years of national televison exposure has he already had, he’s recognizable to most dedicated wrestling fans, plus he has a look that can be put over and built upon, WWE is putting to much attention at pushing the likes of Fawndawngo or even The Miz, should be a no brainer for McMahon, sign him $$$$ up please!

  16. Y_Set says:

    If WWE sign him, they would just do it to mess with TNA. After Roode join WWE, they’ll put him to FCW and if they debut him he will get saddled with bad name, bad gimmick, and no push at all because Vince hate pushing someone who doesn’t come from his own developmental school. And then in the end, Roode will jump back to TNA after he got future endeavored.

    Don’t believe me ? Ask Gail Kim, Kazarian, Kid Kash, and Low-Ki.

  17. Budman316 says:

    if he goes to WWE it will be the last of his main event days. He is too good for the guys that are in wwe now and there are not many Canadians on top any more in WWE like there was in the 90s. He has been with TNA since day 1 and will have the same fate as Buff, Steiner, DDP, Kanynon, Pulumbo, Styles, fallen angel, somoa joe.. I mean the only way they get good wrestlers over ( hence daniel bryan ) is to make them into jokes. Wwe is very fond of doing just that.. if your TNA, your going to be Vinces jobber. Tna is on Spike TV for crying out loud, thats national exposure, he doesn’t need WWE.



  18. -J- says:

    he is pals with the rock on twitter…and he is a main event guy and he does resemble trips and he is a tna top star and well, ur right wwe prolly doesn’t want him.

  19. Kerry says:

    Bruce Prichard should be fired for letting Roode’s contract expire.

  20. Neumanrko9 says:

    I’ve always said Bobby Roode should go and try WWE, in my opinion he just sticks out head and shoulders above everyone else in TNA

  21. Neil says:

    Bobby Roode is one of the best, if not THE best performer in TNA. Pritchard must be incompetent if he let the contract expire.Sign him up TODAY, he’s worth top dollar. You can use the money not being spent on RVD (I hope)to give him a raise.

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