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Daily Discussion: The Montreal screwjob

Today’s topic: It has been debated for years – was the Montreal screwjob a work or a shoot? Today, voice your opinion after hearing all the evidence.

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19 Responses

  1. Roscoe Jones says:

    Bret Hart nearly had his entire legacy forgotten by the WWE bc of the screwjob. They were gonna do a smear DVD ala the Ultimaten Warrior unless he came to terms with them.

    It’s a shoot, brutha.

  2. rebel says:

    I’m pretty sure it was a work to Vince, Shawn and Earl… Not so much to Bret…

  3. Nick Walters says:

    It was a shoot. Are you serious? After all these years how could anyone think Bret was in on that? And by the way the whole thing was Triple H’s idea it’s been said many times… “If he doesn’t wanna do business, then we’ll do business for him.”

  4. joe says:

    Total work. The last true kayfabe moment in wrestling.

  5. Jempires One says:

    Montreal was a work. A way for Bret to go to WCW with max value having just “lost” their competitor’s world title while being as strong as strong could be having just dropped it. And also creating Vince and DX as killer heels and launching a whole new boom.

    I don’t think everything was agreed to that far ahead of the actual match, but I do think all parties knew what was coming and played it perfectly. Not that many people had to really know.

    But they knew.

  6. Nick Walters says:

    @joe, how the hell was it a work? If it was, it’s the single best kept secret in the history of the business… but after Bret’s bitching and the thousands of interviews, I can’t possibly think it was a work.

  7. motorhead says:

    I think the real question should be: who the hell did bret hart think he was? After years of reading and honest examination that is the one real question i have left. Who the hell did bret hart think he was? It made perfect storyline sense to drop the strap in canada after he won it in the usa in august. He let personal issues cloud his judgemnet. Hogan may have been jerked around by vince in 93 but he still did his job and dropped the strap to yoko even with the terrible finish. It wasn’t right, but bret did ask for it. You can’t hold anyone hostage and get away with it.

  8. cas says:

    if it was a work, bret would have come back a lot sooner than 10 years! i remember watching it, understanding after he spit at vince it was over. for me these are/were the greatest in the business. best contrast of character, best rivalry. i think for wwe that was the direction they were going so they did what they did. bret was a stand up guy and he did what was right for him, unfortunately he got the short end of the stick. thankfully pride was swallowed and he and shawn atleast made us believe they’ve grown past it. can’t imagine what wwe would have been like with out the screw job

  9. MC Live says:

    Shoot. After everything that’s been said, it’s not a work. It’s just impossible. I mean if there was really any merrit behind it being a work, it would end up on Jesse Ventura’s show. Because this being a work is exactly that, a conspiracy theory. And like most conspiracy theories, it’s something stupid and made up with no real merit

  10. Jempires One says:

    Dave Meltzer, who is the most respected pro wrestling journalist ever, came up with the theory years ago that it very well could have been a work and the reasons why.

    The whole business is based on a lie, a con… So to think for some reason that this couldn’t have been the work of all works is just as ludicrous as saying conspiracy theories are ludicrous.

  11. Guled says:

    a freakin’ shoot.. you saw the way he spat at mcmahon

  12. T says:

    Shoot. Who punched Vince in the locker room?

  13. Mike says:

    If it’s a shoot Bret Hart is the dumbest not to mention the most unprofessional person EVER! He knew the finish of the match had been agreed to, yet for another night, and should’ve seen it coming. Not to mention you DO THE HONORS! I find it hard to believe a 2nd generation worker in any business would pull anything like this without his bosses being in on it!

  14. joe says:

    The entire business being a work was the best kept secret before the mid nineties. Why on earth should I believe that one storyline

  15. joe says:

    The entire business being a work was the best kept secret before the mid nineties. Why on earth should I believe that one storyline would go against the grain of the business? Think about it. There is more money and iterest in perpetuating the lie. We’re still talking about it, watching the shows, and buying the DVD’s just to try to validate our own beliefs 14 years later. It was and is the greatest work in the history of the business.

  16. Greg says:

    As I understand it Brett agreed to drop the title to Shawn the next show or the following week. Giving Brett the win in Montreal. In watching the match Shawns reaction when the match was called by submission spoke volumes. It was pretty clear that that was not to be the end of the match by his reaction. It was a Vinny Mac call all the way.

  17. Scott II says:

    My straight up opinion…

    Did HBK and Vince handle things wrong? Yeah, but don’t treat Hart like he was some kind of innocent victim. He could have said “You know what? Fine! Let HBK have his fun”. Just be the bigger man, even if you hate his guts.

    Vince handled it wrong, but then again, when you have one of your titles getting chucked into a trash can on Nitro, yeah, that would make most men think twice about things, like the Hart situation leading to the screwjob.

    HBK handled it wrong, just being a party to things.

  18. Motorhead says:

    @Jempires One:

    That might be the most ignorant statement I’ve heard or read in years. You must not have been alive or old enough then to understand that Bret Hart’s career basically ended that night in montreal. Maximum value? it basically pigeonholed hart in WCW’s booking before he even arrived. He had two high points in WCW: winning the WCW world title over benoit in the tournament and the tribute match to owen, again with benoit. WCW didn’t know what to do with him. Vince didn’t do him a favor in montreal, he blew up his entire career. If bret were smart he would’ve sued vince to keep the contract valid and then after the ppv incident. The idea that this was a work is ridiculous and idiotic. You people sound like the morons who claim the sandy hook shooting was faked. It was the end of kayfabe as we knew it. To imply that it was a work would imply that WWF and WCW were working together, which we know didn’t happen until the final nitro. Furthermore, Meltzer was simply theorizing, thinking out loud, he believes it was a real incident that ruined a great worker’s career.

    By the WWE doing the bret/mcmahon match and the public return of bret to wwe tv, vince can PAINT THE PICTURE that the incident was a work to get the fans off his ass every time he goes to canada or europe. No one’s story has changed and no one else has come forward that hasn’t already. HBK, Vince, Briscoe, Patterson, Triple H, Chyna, and Earl Hebner all knew in advance. If bret knew than so too did all the hart’s, and they didn’t. Why did some people quit the next night? why did taker nearly beat up vince himself? and why would bret punch out vince if it were a work? Get over it, it was a shoot. End of story.

  19. Josh says:

    This was a work, and I think that mostly because everyone has a different story when they tell it. Which makes me think a lot of the details were made up.

    Even when Michaels tries to tell us about the incident he is all over the place every time with this detail and that.

    Also try and explain to me how one of the last true “Wrestling in the blood” kind of guys in Bret Hart thinks he’s above dropping the belt to whoever the company wants to put it on? Hart knew his job, knew his place.

    It was his choice to leave, and he couldn’t have made that choice without realizing when he did he would have to give that title to whoever Vince wanted to put it on.

    You really think Hart said, “I’m going to WCW and I’m going to decide who I’ll job to.”? Yeah right. He knew by leaving he gave up any creative control he had.

    Besides if I’m correct Hart didn’t even want to leave the WWE. So it would make sense he would go along with this to really give everyone a boost. Whether it be Vince and HBK’s as heels, or him as a face now that everyone is screaming “you got screwed.” in a manner that gets him over as a face.

    One last thing that makes me think it was a work.. All that effort put in to making Hart a face in Canada and a heel in the USA was only ruining his career. Think if he had left and there were no conclusion or way to allow the US fans to love him again? It really would have ended his career. Thanks to this work though, it allows the US fans to cheer for him because they “know” he was screwed over. So they feel sorry for him, and cheer him because of it all.

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