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Hoodslam results from Oakland featuring Paul London, Shelly Martinez, Amber O’Neal

from Kevin:

Hoodslam 33 1/3 – Friday, March 1, 2013 – Oakland Metro Opera House – Oakland, CA

attendance: 621
This month, the Hoodslam Band was known as Trouser Snakes on a Plane.

Live commentary by “KG” Kevin Gill and “Broseph” Joe Brody (WWE Tough Enough’s A.J. Kirsch)

1. Virgil Flynn def Grandmaster G with a 450 splash.

2. Super Hashtag BFF Connect Friends (Bat Shelly [Martinez] and Super Amber [O’Neil] with Robin [Danielle Marinez] def Zangief and Blanka with Cammy (accompanied by Cammy’s ass) with a facebuster.

3. Planet Rock (Boom Box and B-Boy with Soundwave) def The James Gang (James and Drugs Bunny) with a frogsplash.

4. Super Red Rhino 2099 Challenge: Super Red Rhino 2099 remained undefeated in the Super Red Rhino 2099 challenge def Anthony Butabi with a Super Gore 2099.

5. Dark Sheik (with D. Faust) vs Juiced Lee turned into Dark Sheik and Juiced Lee vs. The Stoner Brothers:Rick-Scott and Scott-Rick (The Golden Gig Co-Holders) saw the Stoner Brothers hit the Rizz Bomb on Dark Sheik and retained the Golden Gig.

6. Paul London def Johnny Drinko Butabi with a Shooting Star Press.

Next show 3 Year Anniversary Show: Friday, April 5th 2013 at the Oakland Metro Opera House in Oakland, CA

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