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Best in the World tournament: [3] John Cena vs. [14] Minoru Suzuki

[3] John Cena


– 10x WWE Champion
– 2x World Heavyweight Champion
– 2x World Tag Team Champion
– 3x United States Champion
– 2x WWE Tag Team Champion
– Royal Rumble (2008, 2013)


[14] Minoru Suzuki


– IWGP Tag Team Champion
– 2x All Japan Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion
– All Japan Unified World Tag Team Champion
– GHC Tag Team Champion

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8 Responses

  1. Guled says:

    who cares who Suzuki is? just vote for him! better than cena..

  2. RS says:

    I agree with Guled! Cena doesn’t deserve to get past round 1! Then again, neither does Orton.

  3. AJ Starr says:

    Gotta love marks like Guled and RS. “Don’t know who the other guy is, but better than voting for the most famous one on the planet!”

    Gotta wonder where some people pull their logic from.

  4. Brandon says:

    NO KANE?
    NO MIZ?


  5. Jamie says:

    @Brandon – the participants were selected from lists of wrestlers submitted by readers. Don’t blame Gerweck for this one

  6. I think that this was one of my pics. But this is how i see it. Suzuki will have taichi in his corner. Both guys will go back and forth, but we can finally see if the American Superman , can go stiff , facing a proponent of shoot wrestling . The match will go 40 minutes, Cena would display some technical wrestling to play catch up with the “meanest”. Cena would go for the AA, but Suzuki would counter, land on his feet and hit the sleep hold and then the takeover. Cena would power out, hit the spine buster and then go for the Five Knuckle shuffle. As soon as he hits it. Suzuki would counter and go for a Fujiwara arm bar. The match ends with another attempt with the AA, only to fall victim to the spinning Gotch clutch pile driver.

    Suzuki over John Cena 44 minutes, 12 seconds.

  7. James says:

    Suzuki to win, hands down.

  8. The Sheild says:

    That’s assuming WWE wasn’t booking the match, this is a close one, both guys are vets, established main event talents, if it comes down to fame & decoration it’s Cena, if it’s skill Suzuki has the edge. This is about best in the world & for a long while now Cena has been pushed as such. Don’t be a mark about it, it’s a fact, it’s like Bret Hart was a great champ & wrestler, but in those days Hogan was the man.

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