3/6 WWE Main Event Recap

Mar 7, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

by Kevin Hensley

WWE Main Event Recap

March 6, 2013 (Taped March 5, 2013)

Albany, NY at the Times Union Center

Commentators: Michael Cole & The Miz

-Sorry for the delay, here’s this week’s WWE Main Event Recap!

-Before the Main Event open, we see an “In Memoriam” graphic for the late, great Paul Bearer. Classy.

-Main Event open, with full pyro.

-Michael Cole welcomes us to Main Event, then Randy Orton’s music hits! After his SLOW entrance, Wade Barrett’s music hits. He comes out to face Orton, but first references just how often he and Orton have fought recently. Then, he brags about being a movie star, which leads to a video of the red carpet premiere of “Dead Man Down.” After that, Wade brags some more, until Randy grows weary of listening, heads outside and throws Barrett in. The bell rings, we’re underway!

1. Randy Orton VS WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett: Non-Title Match

-Barrett charges, Orton pounds away in the corner. Irish whip, Barrett reverses, hits a knee to the gut, comes off; Randy goes down, hits a leapfrog, then a back elbow. Wade is down, and Orton nails the ORTON STOMP (I guess it’s not the GARVIN STOMP anymore.) More stomping, Barrett finally gets some punches in, gets back up and gets into a bare-knuckle fighting stance. A few blows, Randy ducks, Wade off the ropes, Orton ducks a clothesline, turns around and clotheslines Barrett over the top rope. With that, we go to break 1:51 into the match

[Commercial Break. During the break, we see an ad for WWE Power Slammers, featuring Sheamus and Rey Mysterio.]

-Back to the ring, Orton whips Barrett into the corner, and Wade catches him running in with a boot to the face. Barrett stalks Randy, kicks him in the gut, picks Orton up, and Barrett lands a nice neckbreaker. Cover, 1, 2, NO. Wade up, off the ropes with a KNEE DROP to the chest. Nice. Barrett locks in a reverse chinlock, but Orton quickly up, gains leverage and lands a back suplex to escape. Good sequence. Randy measures Wade with a DROPKICK. Cover, 1, 2, no. Wade hammers away to fight back up, beats Randy into a corner, until Randy fights back, pushes Barrett into another corner, and goes up for the MUCH MISSED 10-PUNCH. Ah, don’t see that much anymore. Back down, and Orton gets a vertical suplex. 1, 2, not yet. Wade rolls outside, to buy some time. Randy comes out, and Barrett kicks him in the gut and slams him head first into the ring steps. Wade rolls Randy back in, back on the apron, Orton catches him with a kick, goes for the SECOND ROPE DDT, but Barrett simply leaps in to stop that and throws Randy over the top to the apron, and lands a THRUST KICK to the gut. That sends Orton to the floor, and we go to break again!

[Commercial Break]

-AND we’re back and Wade hits the DREADED KNEE TO THE GUT. Barrett pounds away, then chokes Orton on the second rope with his knee. Wade traps Randy between the second and top rope, and knees Randy in the head. Barrett backs off, and lands a big kick, knocking Randy to the apron. Barrett pulls Orton back in, covers, 1, 2, nada. Back outside, and Wade is tossed into the guardrail. Randy tries to whip Wade into the steps, but Barrett reverses, so Orton gets cozy with them again. Wade rolls Randy back in, covers, 1, 2, not yet. Wade up to the second rope, takes too much time and Randy fights back up, gets an uppercut, then climbs up, following fan approval, for a SUPERPLEX. Both men down for a second, then Randy slinks over and covers, 1, 2, MEH. Both men back up, getting into a slugfest, which Wade wins, then charges Randy in the corner, but Orton hits a clothesline. Then another one. Barrett looks like he’s going to eat the powerslam, but he holds on to the ropes; Orton ducks his charge and hits a BACKCRACKER. Wade rolls out to the apron, and Randy rewards him by connecting this time with the SECOND ROPE DDT. Orton calls for the RKO, but Barrett rolls outside. Randy grabs him, and Wade low-bridges him over the top rope, charges in and hits a BIG BOOT. Cover, 1, 2, 2.999999. Barrett rolling down the pad, calling for the BULL HAMMER, but Orton counters with the POWERSLAM. Randy calls for the RKO again, connects, and gets 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Randy Orton in 10:45. A plodding match, as is the norm with Orton, but a lot of seldom used moves broken out during the match, so we’ll give it ***.

-After a replay of the highlights of the match, Randy stands tall.

-We see Cody Rhodes coming to the ring, with a smile on his face. He’s in action, NEXT!


[Commercial Break.]

-In the ring, Cody Rhodes has already come out, and will face Zack Ryder. The bell rings, we’re underway!

2. Cody Rhodes VS Zack Ryder

-Zack with a quick go-behind, but Rhodes trips Ryder to break it. Collar-and-elbow tie-up, and both men having trouble gaining an advantage. Zack gets some serious offense, fast-paced match, until Ryder misses the BROSKI BOOT, Rhodes hits a DISASTER KICK, then CROSS-RHODES to finish Ryder off.

Winner: Cody Rhodes in 3:05. Voice recorder let me down again. A TON of action for the time allotted, so it’ll get **/5.

-A replay of the finish, then Cody stands tall.

[Commercial Break]

-Before we come back to Main Event, we get a trailer for WWE’s “The Call,” starring Halle Berry and the INSUFFERABLE David Otunga.

-Last Monday on Raw, Triple-H came out to challenge Brock Lesnar to a re-match at WRESTLEMANIA. We find out that this Monday on Raw Lesnar will answer the challenge.

-Sin Cara’s music hits back in Albany, he’s in action against Antonio Cesaro, NEXT!!!

[Commercial Break. Another ad for WWE Power Slammers.]

-Back to Main Event, and Antonio is in the ring. Bell rings.

-3. Sin Cara VS WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro: Non-Title Match

-This should be interesting. Sin Cara tries a go-behind, but Antonio takes Cara down for his trouble, paintbrushes him a few times to establish DOMINANCE. Lockup, Cesaro takes Sin down, tries to pin, but Cara bridges out, jumps up and lands a TILT-A-WHIRL ARMDRAG. Antonio slides out, Sin charges, stops, and then jumps over and lands a HURRICANA on the floor. Cesaro back in, and Sin sunset flips him. Antonio teeters, totters, then grabs Cara and throws him around by the head. Yeow, that hurt. Antonio gets a 1 count from that. Cesaro stomps Cara a few times, picks him up, and pounds him back down in the corner with kicks and punches. Antonio comes in, and Sin tries to fight back, but Cesaro kicks him for the trouble. Antonio picks Sin up for a NICE GUTWRENCH SUPLEX. 1, 2, kick-out. Cesaro locks on a sleeper. Cara fights up, gets whipped into the ropes and comes off with a TILT-A-WHIRL into a SMALL PACKAGE for 2. That looked svelte. Antonio charges into the corner, until Cara catches him with a back-kick. Sin charges out of the corner and flips Antonio INTO A FREAKIN’ CANADIAN DESTROYER!!! That gets 1, 2, almost. Cesaro rolls out, Cara charges and gets STOPPED WITH AN UPPERCUT. Sweet. Antonio climbs up, gets caught with an ENZIGURI by Sin. Sin then wants a hurricana, Antonio blocks, tries to powerbomb but Sin gets the hurricane anyway! 1, 2, 3!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winner: Sin Cara at 4:14. Wow, that was awesome. Lots of great action crammed into 4:14, so we’ll give it ***/5.

-Cesaro sells shock in the ring, then we go back to Raw Monday, where The Undertaker returned, and the fatal four-way was held to see who would face him at WrestleMania. We all know CM Punk won. After that, a graphic is shown for the match, then we get a teaser: Up next, John Cena & The Rock go point/counterpoint on Raw.

[Commercial Break]

-Before we come back, we get an ad for The Marine 3: Homefront, starring The Miz.

-We’re shown an exterior shot outside the Times Union Center.

-We go back to Raw, where John Cena & The Rock argued over their match at WrestleMania 29, with The Rock defending the WWE Championship. Strong sell for the match. Then, we see a graphic for the match, and close with a shot of Cena & Rock in a staredown, with the WrestleMania 29 sign in the background.

Final Thoughts: Wow, a great episode of Main Event. Three exclusive matches, recaps of the biggest events for WrestleMania, this show gets ***/5.

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