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Daily Discussion: Re-booking a WWE/F storyline

Today’s topic: Today, and today only, You can re-book any WWE/F storyline. Which storyline should be re-worked? Perhaps a storyline that ended too abruptly or a story that had the stuff but headed in to the wrong direction. The invasion angle? Nexus? Vince’s limo?

Yesterday’s discussion – Re-booking a WCW storyline

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  1. david r. says:

    Oh this ought to be good…. anyway, I would have pushed Kofi to WWE champ after his feud with Randy Orton. Have a series of matches, then go on to main events and become champion. These slight pushes, only to drop him to job again? Gets real annoying, really fast.

  2. Gazz says:

    For me, the Invasion Angle could’ve been re-written in a boatload of different ways. One way I would’ve done so was to wait until 2002 when you had the more well known WCW guys (nWo, Booker, DDP, Sting, Bischoff, Goldberg) available to hire and bring in.

    Had they been available at the time, not only would the Invasion seem a little bit more believable (in terms of both having the big names from WCW and ECW, but add to that the component of the believability of “can these bigger names be successful in taking down the man who killed their company”), and it still would’ve given us those dream matches we craved, albeit a year later.

  3. MO says:

    Katie Vick

  4. Max says:

    Kaval/Low-Ki should have stayed, got his Wwe title shot, wowing audience at a ppv, losing though, but then ushers in a new era, returning the cruiserweight title.

  5. MC Live says:

    The Invasion was a big one. Kofi would have been made a huge star after the Orton feud as stated before. The ECW revival would have been handled differently. I don’t know if it needs to be re-booked, or just erased. The tag division never would have gone under, and be thriving now. In terms of specific storylines- Cena would have won at mania last year. Then Brock would have won at Extreme rules. And the second Summer of Punk. He would have waited a long long time to come back compared to what he actually did. I would have kept him of TV till late September. Resurface at Night of Champions saying “I’m the real champion” then bring in Punk, and some Indy guys like Claudio who was signed to back him up. Then, he feuds with the champ, Cena, and we have a unification match at Survivor Series, that Punk would win. That’s just one idea

  6. Prince Dann says:

    My big one would be the invasion angle too.

    It had potential to last a lot longer with the amount of talent involved. So many stars could have been made, as well as stories. The way they did it was with the sole purpose of having Vince look like god again. They should have made the alliance look a lot stronger, and made the story last a lot longer.

    And admittedly I’m a mark, before anyone randomly says it like they seem to call everyone who has a different opinion to them a mark, but I think Chyna could have legitimately pulled off briefly being WWF champion. Even for a few weeks, with help or whatever. But yeah, don’t expect anyone to agree, but that’s a big one for me.

  7. Chris says:

    The Shawn Michaels “god” storyline with Vince McMahon. Rather than a tag match that descended into a two on one, I would have brought back someone to do a run in, to help Shawn. Bret Hart would be perfect to do it.

  8. cas says:

    absolutely the invasion and shane buy out. obviously the limo was a bad one. the tag team division. the hardcore title that could be won at any moment. i’m sure there are so many

  9. Jess says:

    Invasion and nexus

  10. michael says:

    Kane’s unmasking in 2003. After he lost his mask, he was on fire (pun intended) he should have lasted longer as a monster heel and he should have taken the belt from HHH.

    Also, Booker T should have won at Wrestlemania XIX. He could have held on the the belt for a month or so and lost it back to HHH, doing so would have catapulted him as a legitimate star in WWE. By the time he did get a real chance (King Booker) I think it was too late.

    Pretty much, HHH in 2003 killed my interest in wrestling; I haven’t watched for more than a week or two in a row since then.

  11. Deathedge says:

    Assuming I had free reign to sign whoever I wanted, I would rebook the Invasion. Bring in some of the bigger names like Goldberg, the nWo, and Scott Steiner and then have them feud with the heels at the time. I would attempt to do what Vince had intended, and seperate them and market them as two different entities; WWE is Sports-Enterainment and edgy, while WCW is good ol’ rasslin. The ECW talent would be drafted to the two sides (though, obviously, it would be predetermined based on wrestling ability and promo chops). Heck, I might even bring in a bitter Vince Russo and form a stable with the guys I simply can’t find anyplace for, having them running around on both shows.

    If I didn’t have the ability to hire whoever I want, I would rebook Eric Bischoff’s arrival to the promotion, and have him attempt to take over the WWE right out from under Vince’s nose; The catch would be he would succeed for a time, but at ‘Mania 19, Vince and Eric would face off and Vince would win back control and Eric would be “fired” for a while. I would then put him into a managerial role and have him manage someone (probably Steiner or Goldberg) and have him win back the RAW GM position at some point.

  12. Guled says:

    Bret Hart not getting screwed at survivor series; I mean think about it, if the montreal screwjob didn’t happen he would have made a huge point in the attitude era in feuds with austin, rock, & maybe a dream match with kane in their primes x)

    if I were the booker, I would have Bret come out of nowhere & beat the hell of Vince in the commentary booth for just being a jerk all these months then it leads to a unsanctioned fight between them in a “loser leaves town.” match. Vince wins by dq meaning bret leaves the wwf (eventually debuting in wcw or being a wrestling god in japan.) & giving one last joy by making mcmahon tap out to the sharpshooter!

  13. Guled says:

    *woops I meant canada not japan.. although that wouldn’t be bad either

  14. Guled says:

    *us one last joy
    stupid autocorrect

  15. Dauber12 says:

    I thought the discussion was about redoing a storyline now with today’s wrestlers. Not how you would change the things that had already happened

  16. eddie says:

    No dauber like all one like this its talking about when it happened.

    I would love to re-do the invasion angle or the angle when the original ECW invade wwf a couple times. Was even said by Vince in the ecw unreleased video should of pushed it more and help ecw get more tv time.

  17. T says:

    Invasion. The return of the nWo. Flair vs Hogan at WM. Pushed the Brainbusters more.

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