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Former TNA knockout receives WWE tryout, WWE announcer now a news anchor, and more

– reported that former TNA Knockout Rosita (Thea Trindad) was backstage at last nights’s Raw event in Buffalo, New York and received a try-out today with WWE.

– Joey Styles via Twitter: Congratulations to WWE announcer Scott Stanford on his very successful debut as a news anchor on NBC New York.

– Shimmer tweeted: ALLISON DANGER @allisondanger & LEVA BATES @wrestlingleva added to all April SHIMMER events~! #wrestlecon

– Damien Sandow via Twitter: New Age Outlaws will fall to Team Rhodes Scholars next week on RAW! Sincerely, Ignatius

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  1. aag44 says:

    Rhodes Scholars vs. Outlaws on TV this week?? YES YES YES YES…!!!
    Maybe they can have a 3-way dance for the Tag Titles at Mania with Team Hell No. I’d pay (for the DVD) to see that!

  2. Prince Dann says:

    Uhh. Forget her looks for a minute, for wrestlings sake, I hope Rosita doesn’t get signed. There are hundreds of girls who are more qualified and deserving.

  3. Fairfax says:

    @princedan I was on our local rock station the Blitz this past friday with Katelyn and Aksana….they’re not looking for talented, deserving, qualified women for the divas division. We where supposed to have Mark Henry in but he was stranded in texas [i live in columbus, ohio]. So they sent these divas instead. They had no idea what they where talking about and Katelyn is nothing special at all. I will say I was very impressed with Aksana’s natural beauty. But these women where clueless. As it stands Rosita will be the Brian Danielson of the Divas.

  4. Prince Dann says:


    This is true, the recent casting calls prove that, applying for models through agencies. But hiring Sara del Rey as head trainer, bringing up Paige, pushing Tamina and hiring a couple good names is hopeful for Diva fans.

    All they need to do is scrap the entire roster except Natalya, Tamina, Paige and Naomi. Keep Rosa purely as a valet that appeals to the Latino audience. And bring back Melina, maybe Jillian, and hire some indie girls, like Angel Williams, LuFitso, maybe Daizee Haze, Shelly Martinez, Sarah Stock, Daffney..

    There is such an amazing list of female WRESTLERS out there, if WWE opens their eyes to them. And with recent happenings, things May be looking up!

  5. Fisha695 says:

    People forget that the 3 biggest Divas in WWE history (Sunny, Sable & Trish) were all Models not Wrestlers when they were hired.

  6. Fairfax says:

    @Fisha….thats not entirely true. Tammy “Sunny” Sytch was the lifelong girlfriend to Chris Candido. She basically came up in the business with Chris. Jim Cornette was bringing Chris in to Smoky Mountain and he of coarse brought Tammy along. Cornette thought that she would look great on tv and had a ton of charisma so he started using her too. I can remember seeing Chris and Tammy on Bobby Fultons Big Time Wrestling shows as early as 92. Tammy was great then, working as a heel manager/valet. Tammy came up the old school way. Sable may have done some modeling but she was married to Marc Mero legit when she was brought in. Vince really liked her look and she became the valet of HHH and then Mero. Sable may have gotten over on her looks but she was WAY over! I don’t think they even have merch for the current crop of divas but in her day Sable rivaled the attitude era’s megastars like Stone Cold, and DX in merch sales. And yes Trish and Victoria where the very first of the fitness models turned “divas”. But Trish Stratus and Tara/Victoria/Lisa Marie worked their asses off to become good workers. From current WWE Divas Champions lips to this page she said verbatim that when she I was called up to NXT that she hadn’t had a single match and didn’t even have wrestling boots! @Princedan…it would be nice but I really don’t think they have plans to bring in any of those ladies. I think Kong was the last hope for womens wrestling in the E. I just think that if you didn’t grow up a fan, if you don’t have a passion for THE SPORT no matter how good you look or how fit you are chances are you’ll never understand truly the psychology behind this.

  7. Meh says:

    I guess WWE would rather be a devolpment territory for creating new divas since they prefer to create their own. (e.g. Aksana, Layla)

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