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Daily Discussion: Re-booking a WCW storyline

Today’s topic: We are going back in time to the WCW era. You can re-book any WCW storyline. Which storyline should be re-worked? Perhaps a storyline that ended too abruptly or a story that had the stuff but headed in to the wrong direction.

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  1. MC Live says:

    Almost too many to choose from. Basically everything nWo from 97 on. Goldberg would have gone undefeated much longer. And Bret Hart. Everything Bret Hart

  2. Adurka Durk says:

    Obligatory Finger Poke of Doom, and Goldberg Streak reply.

  3. havok says:

    i liked the idea of the millionaires club vs the new blood…dont remember how it ended, but the idea of the younger guys going after the veterans is interesting

  4. Mattyman says:

    The Limo storyline. It should have been finished properly.

  5. JD Storm says:

    i would’ve put Bret immediately in the World Title hunt, instead of the crap he was doing.

    i would’ve avoided the Finger Poke of Doom, as well as making David Arquette World Champion.

    Goldberg’s streak would’ve lasted longer. when it did end, i would’ve had someone beat him that would’ve benefitted from the actual win (an up and comer).

    the nWo would’ve been allowed to die in a natural progression of events, instead of keeping it going on & on in one form or another.

  6. Guled says:

    definitely push people that were deserving to a world title, not hacks like hulk hogan & vince russo.

  7. Scott II says:

    How about that whole thing with Goldberg’s streak ending, and the Fingerpoke of Doom?!?

    WrestleCrap even had a thing where they had how the whole storyline should have gone, and it was far better than what WCW produced

  8. Kerry says:

    The Shockmaster: They should have gotten someone else to play the role & they should have done his entrance differently, and he definitely should have a different mask or helmet on rather than a Stormtrooper mask with glitter on it.

  9. Jess says:

    Judy bagwell on a pole

  10. really? says:

    Jericho would have gone on to end Goldberg’s streak. After tons of build, Jericho taunting and avoiding Goldberg for months. They finally are booked in a match, and Jericho rolls out of the ring and runs away for the count out when Goldberg goes for the spear. They have a rematch, and Jericho gets himself deliberately disualified, then stands triumphantly over a fallen Goldberg, either from a chair shot or low blow. Goldberg gets back up and Jericho bails.

    For a big PPV, maybe Starrcade or GAB, a street fight or cage match is booked between the two, so Jericho can’t weasel out. Jericho agrees to the stipulation, provided Goldberg agrees to a no rematch clause. In the match, using Bret Hart’s later hockey jersey with steel chest plate underneath technique to counter the spear, Jericho ends the streak.

    As champion, Jericho promises to be the most fighting champion in WCW history, then proceeds to handpick opponents from the cruiserweight division to face on Nitro and Thunder, and refusing Goldberg a rematch due to the contract.

    I’d have solidified him as a main eventer by brief runs against Piper and Flair where Jericho goes over, though the feuds are mostly progressed on the microphone, with only a few matches.

    At some point, I’d have Jericho drop the belt briefly, to Sting, Nash, Benoit, Flair, whoever, but win it back. As he celebrates, Goldberg comes out. Jericho taunts him that he’ll never get a rematch, but then will be reminded that since he lost the belt and this is a different title reign, the stipulation no longer applies. Then build to the big rematch.

  11. The Sheild says:

    I wouldn’t have Finger Poke of Doom, I would of had Bret either win the US or WHC after debuting, & let him lead a new technical era with guys like Benoit & Malenko, or other cruiser weights. NWO would have split to Wolfpack, & NWO Hollywood & let the group implode

  12. Chewie215 says:

    Like,the goldberg jerico idea alot

  13. DUSTY FINISH says:

    I would have started when Bret Hart came in and start a program between he and Sting, face-versus-face. Have Bret on a mission for the best competition and defeating Sting in a series of matches for the number one contendership to Hogan’s title.

    As Bret and Hogan move towards a Starrcade title match, Gilberg builds momentum and a longer streak, taking out NWO members from the bottom to the top (injuring several, clearing the path to Hogan). Hollywood becomes more and more disappointed with NWO members not stopping Bret or Goldberg that he fires a few and a few walk away – firing Norton & Bagwell allowing them to tag together, Steiner walks away, Vincent is canned, etc.)

    This shows Hogan is becoming desperate and gives Bret momentum towards the title match. Hogan attempts to cheat and sees the ring surrounded by WCW faithful, Flair, Anderson, Rey, Jericho, Kidman, Booker as Bret locks in the Shaprshooter and forces the tap-out as Hall & Nash watch from the stage, doing nothing – killing the NWO.

    Now Hogan has burned all his bridges and is gone from TV as Bret focus on the challenge from Goldberg, as well as the Outsiders. Hogan returns after a few months to avenge his betrayal by Hall & Nash, endorsing Hart and attempting to rebuild his legacy as an underdog for the first time in his career.

  14. DUSTY FINISH says:

    haha Freudian slip “Gilberg”

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