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– is reporting that The Undertaker is backstage at RAW today and will be appearing on the show tonight to kickstart his WrestleMania program. Taker had been touch-and-go regarding his involvement at WrestleMania and it was only just very recently that it was decided that he would be a part of the show this year. He is rumored to be facing off CM Punk at WrestleMania 29, hoping to keep his streak alive by going 21-0. The Undertaker has been off WWE television since the RAW 1000 episode back in July of last year where he made an appearance coming to help Kane. He wrestled at a non-televised live WWE event on February 23 in Waco, Texas, making a surprise appearance in a tag team match with Sheamus against Damien Sandow and Wade Barrett.

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  1. tk says:

    There is this Rumor that Cm punk will end the streak due to his 4 major defeat’s and another major loss will ruin his steam in the company.I dont feel the streak should end Taker has to Get to WM 30. If anything it would only be a good thing for punk not only could he steal the show with taker its his vocal attack of the undertaker and Great in ring skill at WM that will make him even more even with a loss. People believe what punk says and people will start question themsleves man he could really beat taker. Dare say it be punk’s biggest moment to show that he went the distance and put on another perfect match like Shawn did at 25. Now hes not shawn but the work in the ring will be exellent. And taker will be taker. Bottom line i feel a good match grounded style hard hitting and plus more time then there HITC match which was a solid match then too.

  2. dave says:

    I don’t think anyone benefits from beating a fragile Taker now

    Punk can lose here but I suspect it will be the closest Taker has been taken to defeat so everyone’s a winner.

  3. David K says:

    I am not a big fan of CM Punk…but at Wrestlemania, I do hope that Punk ends the streak of the Undertaker, either with his GTS and gets a nice, clean pin or even better, having the Unertaker tap out to the anaconda vice. Some of the IWC may not be happy, may be up in arms because of it, but it is all about passing the torch.
    Punk needs this win to elevate him to the next level, for him to become a major heel, a threat to the world title, to validate that he is “the best in the world.” The Undertaker’s undefeated Wrestlemania streak is just a storyline to be used just for this case…to pass the torch to the next generation. The Undertaker is at the end of his career, to have him keep his “undefeated streak” intact serves no one any good.
    Having Punk beat the Undertaker will set up Punk as not only the top heel but a incredible threat to any champion. The programs that you can start with him, the “quest for the title” the major feud with Cena when he beats the Rock.
    In closing, it is time for the last generation to bow out, to put the new generation over, and then the last generation to move on. Like it or not, it is Punk’s, Cena’s, Miz’s, & Ziggler’s time.

  4. Joey says:

    It would make for great promo’s from Punk with him being so obsessive about being best in the world. You could see him arguing that the WWE title shot should be his as he is best, but if Undertaker comes out, Punk would see another opportunity to “cement” his legacy as best, to not only have the long title reign but to say he ended the streak, something only the best in the world could say…

  5. -J- says:

    id rather see him return as big evil than the deadman, let the deadman rest in peace and let the american badass take on punk.

  6. Adurka Durk says:


    Things no one has said. Ever.

  7. Kerry says:

    David K – I agreed with everything you said until you included Cena’s name with Punk, Miz & Ziggler.

  8. Guled says:

    where’s rematchmania when you need him? hehe.

  9. -J- says:

    ahaha ya smartass…durka dork.

  10. Josh says:

    Punk has gone around demanding respect for months now, who carries more clout than The Deadman himself? If Punk pulls off the “upset” then he may finally get the respect he craves.
    I personally think The Streak should continue and The Undertaker should be able to retire (when he decides to) with it intact.
    With two of the best promo men ever verbally jabbing with each other heading into WrestleMania, it should make for some really exciting TV.
    This is of course if this match is in fact the way creative decides to go.

  11. skrat says:

    win or loose, next night on raw “The Phenom” Phil Brooks makes his debut

  12. DB says:

    Another thing confirming this, I just got a text message from the number WWE uses to promote their stuff, just saying “i have risen.” Nothing else, it kind of creeped me out until I realized what it was about

  13. kidsampson says:

    Find someone who has some strength, size, and agility and has put a number of years into the independent circuit. Hire them and then pair them with Taker for the next year. Let Taker mentor him and show him the ropes, off-camera. Bring Bearer back in order to seek revenge on Kane for the freezer incident. Bearer can say he has found a new monster, debuting the new guy. Position this person as an invincible force, wreaking havoc on the WWE – a vengeful, unstoppable phenom. Eventually build toward a battle with Taker leading to WM 30. Create a dark storyline that becomes personal: he knows Taker better than himself. He’s destroyed and retired his brother Kane. And at WM, he’ll do the same to Taker in a Buried Alive match. Give him the win and let Taker rest in peace for good while passing his mantle to another generation.

  14. Adurka Durk says:



  15. Dude says:


    no. just no.

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