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Daily Discussion: Who wins our best in the world tournament

Today’s topic: Today we kick off our fourth annual GERWECK.NET March Madness tournament. This year its the best in the world tournament. Who do you think will win the tournament?

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22 Responses

  1. VDT says:

    I can only see it being CM Punk, as most people on here only seem to watch WWE on here

  2. MO says:

    Some crappy wrestler from WWE :(

  3. nick says:

    As far as WRESTLING goes… Angle, Punk, Bryan, or Aries. Nobody is better than these four

  4. Max says:

    CM Punk.

  5. Joe says:

    He won’t win, but he should win.

  6. Alex says:

    I would love to see a Punk vs Aries final, but that’s just me.

  7. Shane says:

    The IWC’s love affair with Kurt Angle has been going on about 7 years too long at this point.

  8. Wrestlings Future says:

    As much as I want Mike Quackenbush to win… The Final four will probably be Davey Richards… Daniel Bryan… CM Punk… Austin Aries

  9. zach says:

    Kurt will win

  10. Roscoe Jones says:

    Wait a sec. I love how it’s always cool not to like someone because they’re “too mainstream”. Mo, do you fancy yourself some pro wrestling connoisseur, where Japanese wrestlers are better solely because they’re not in the WWE?

    There are some outstanding international wrestlers, but headlining the way he has for the biggest promotion in the world says something about who’s the best, whether you want to admit it or not. You’re not highbrow the way you’d like to portray yourself. So knock it off. And no man with a pair uses emoticons.

    These are the same type of people who say TNA is better than the WWE just because they’re concerned with being aficionados. It’s not. It’s still a second rate promotion.

    For the record: CM Punk.

  11. eddie says:

    I wanna say daniel bryan, punk or aries but it will probably end up being cena

  12. Rafael Benitez Facts says:

    @Roscoe Jones

    Stop stating opinions as fact.

    Its an opinionated argument so how can there be facts.

  13. Rafael Benitez Facts says:

    TNA atleast keeps its audience watching. WWE is all over the place.

    They were getting their lowest ever ratings then The Rock had to come back to generate some interest.

    They are living off past superstars. Besides CM Punk who else has actually gotten a surge of interest in recent years on the roster.

    WWE f_cked up potential for another Boom period. Now any interest they are getting is down to The Rock, Taker & Brock Lesnar. And a little from Cena & Punk.

  14. Deathedge says:

    I’ll be honest, I’ve always held Jushin as the best in the world in my mind… But, I know he likely won’t win.

    Prediction: CM Punk

    Bold Prediction: The work of trolls the world over allows John Cena to win.

  15. Roscoe Jones says:

    “It’s an opinionated argument so how can there. E facts”.

    You are dumb.

    What’s not a fact? That TNA is a second rate promotion? Because it is. I can sit thru Impact way more easily than Raw and I like their roster more than WWE but it’s the truth. They’re number 2. Distantly.

    Don’t understand why it’s cool to hate on the mainstream, when WWE is the reason we all watch. I get more frustrated than anyone but let’s e real here: some of the “crappy wrestlers” from the WWE are actually among the best in the world.

    And irony of ironies I have Yuji Nagata in the pool. Yay Japanese wrestlers!!

  16. Prince Dann says:

    Aries or Ziggler, would my my choices.

  17. Rafael Benitez Facts says:

    @Roscoe Jones

    Is your B key broken xD

  18. Rafael Benitez Facts says:

    What the hell does Yoshi Tatsu do in WWE?

    I have seen him once in two years.

    That was on Zac Ryders youtube show when it was only starting.

  19. Mr. Black says:

    Daniel Bryan, the ORIGINAL best in the world.

  20. MC Live says:

    Punk. Bryan and Aries are runner ups.

  21. Guled says:

    Punk vs Aries: Final Countdown

  22. deathedge says:

    @Rafael Benitez Facts

    Late last year I saw him get destroyed by Big Show when him and someone else (Alex Riley I think) were laughing at him.

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