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Mar 3, 2013 - by staff

World Wrestling Entertainment has announced it’s newest inductee into the 2013 WWE Hall Of Fame Class will be celebrity inductee Donald Trump. The 66-year-old Queens New York native has a long history with the sports entertainment company dating back to the late 1980’s. Trump’s first involvement with the WWE came in 1988 and 1989 when Wrestlemania’s IV and V where both hosted at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City New Jersey. Donald Trump has been a life long fan of professional wrestling and also appeared at Wrestlemania XX at Madison Square Garden in New York City being interviewed ringside by WWE Hall Of Famer Jesse Ventura.

The New York City real estate developer had multiple business dealings with World Wrestling Entertainment from 2007-2009. After starting a feud with Vince McMahon in early 2007 a match was made at Wrestlemania XXIII in 2007 between Bobby Lashley and Umaga. The stipulations had Trump managing Lashley and McMahon managing Umaga with the losing manager having his head shaved bald. Donald Trump last returned to the company in 2009 when Vince McMahon in storyline sold him the WWE for one week before buying it back. Donald Trump joins Mick Foley, Bob Backlund, Trish Stratus and Bruno Sammartino as announced inductees into this year’s WWE Hall Of Fame Class.

Below we look at the professional wrestling career of Donald Trump by the numbers…

World Wrestling Entertainment:

* 1 Match Managed on WWE Pay-Per-View.

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