Teen’s dream of meeting John Cena comes true

Mar 2, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

from gulfnews.com:

Abu Dhabi: The Make-A-Wish Foundation made the dream of a 16-year old boy come true when he met his favourite top world wrestler and WWE superstar John Cena in Doha.

Fahd Al Shehhi expressed his extreme delight at meeting Cena after the foundation made all the necessary arrangements for him to meet the world wrestler who was in Doha last week to participate in the WWF Raw.

An American, Cena is also a celebrated actor in Hollywood films such as 12 Rounds and Legendary.

He is also known as a rapper with a chart-topping hit.Al Shehni met with Cena who gave him two shirts and a cap, and also exchanged talk about the wrestling sporting

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