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Christopher Daniels talks his best moment and best match

Christopher Daniels was interviewed by The Moaning Times. Here is an excerpt…

Q. What has been the best show, best match and moment in your wrestling career and why?

Daniels: I think the best moment and best match for me was the three way with AJ Styles and Samoa Joe just because I think the audience the crowd and the fan base were ready to have three home grown talents in their main event and it was the first time the x division title, that the three of us valued very highly had been in a main event ahead of the world title. It meant a lot to all three of us and the crowd responded. Three home grown wrestlers, it was just the case of having the right audience and the right match and that made history.

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  1. Meh says:

    It’s sad that out of the 3 wrestlers in that match that Christopher Daniels is still the only one without a TNA World Title run.

  2. James says:

    ^ This.

    TNA had the chance recently to fix this when Jeff Hardy wasn’t allowed into England for the recent tv tapings tour but no, why reward one of their most loyal servants who’s had to endure gimmicks like Suicide and Curry Man when they can give it to somebody who can’t cut promos and is nothing more than a high risk spot monkey WWE don’t want back?

  3. I agree @meh, the guy is brilliant and deserves a run with the title.

  4. Derp McGee says:

    He really thinks that match is his best? That match is all spots and no psychology. Daniels is crazy.

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