WWE NXT Results 2/27/13

Mar 1, 2013 - by Atlee Greene

-WWE NXT Results 2/27/13

Full Sail University in Winter Park Florida

Commentators: Tony Dawson & William Regal


The show opens with Corey Graves interrupting a conversation between Dusty Rhodes and Bo Dallas. He hands Dusty the NXT championship belt that he stole from Big E Langston. Graves starts insulting Bo Dallas until Dusty cuts him off and reminds him of Bo’s recent accomplishments such as winning the NXT Royal Rumble tournament, eliminating Wade Barrett from the Rumble, and beating  Barrett on Raw. Graves rolls his eyes as Dusty sets up a triple threat match for the main event which will determine the #1 contender for the NXT title which will be Graves, Dallas, and Connor O’Brian.


-Justin Gabriel w/ Tyson Kidd vs. Leo Kruger

The story of the match is Gabriel and Kruger have some history together from their days in South Africa. As a result, Gabriel can’t use his high flying attack since Kruger knows all of his moves. This was a long match with a lot of chain wrestling and mat work. They wrestled a meticulous pace where everything was well timed and chinlocks, armbars and head scissors were done with an intensity not see on Raw or Smackdown. Kruger used his power to roll through Gabriel with shoulder tackles, spine busters and took control of the match with a single arm DDT.

Kruger followed up with an armbar and worked over Gabriel’s left arm with knee drops and hammer locks. Gabriel got a second wind and turned the tables with a spinning back kick and a beautiful spring board crossbody for a two count. Kruger comes back with a lariat that turned Gabriel inside out for a close near fall. Kruger places Gabriel on the top rope but Gabriel knocks him off and hits the 450 Splash for the win. Post-match shenanigans saw Kruger steal one of Tyson Kidd’s crutches and nails Gabriel with it and walks off with as he marvels over his handy work.

Winner via pinfall: Justin Gabriel


-Aksana vs. Emma

Emma gimmick is kind of like Jillian Hall. Except for signing, Emma thinks she can dancer but comes to the ring with the worst repertoire of moves in the history of the art and is beyond uncoordinated. She even tried doing the Shawn Michaels up and over to get in the ring but she botched it the first time and barley made it the second time.

Aksana hits a face plant which causes Emma to retreat to the apron and fall off in a clumsily manner. Emma accidently clotheslines Aksana, gets back in the ring and mocks Aksana’s seductive crawl until Aksana catches her and turns the tied with two body slams and an elbow drop. Emma comes back by whipping  Aksana in the corner for a hard buckle and applies a Cravat. Emma starts dancing which is the opening Aksana needs to send her into the corner which causes Emma to stumble into a spinebuster and gets pinned.

Winner via pinfall: Aksana


Backstage: Renee Young (Not the old one), Doctors, and Referees are checking on an unconscious Bo Dallas as he is laid on the floor and no one has any idea who attacked him. Young speculates on Bo’s status for the main event.


-Corey Graves vs. “The Ascension” Conor O’Brian (#1 Contenders Match)

Bo Dallas is unable to compete and it will now be a singles match for the right to face Big E Langston for the NXT title. Graves attempts a single leg takedown but Conor throws him like a rag doll. Graves goes for a waist lock but is thrown off again. The much larger O’Brian plows over Graves with a series of shoulder tackles and delivers three hip tosses and grabs Graves for a headlock transitions into a trapezius hold. Graves goes for the ride with a big back body drop to the floor. O’Brian is still on the attack until Conor turns the tide with a drop kick to O’Brian’s knee, smashes it on the apron and bends it around the ringpost.

After several minutes of Graves working over the knee, O’Brian delivers an atomic drop but his comeback is short lived as Graves goes back to the knee and applies a standing toe hold and switches to a leg lock. After a short battle on the floor, Graves goes for the leg lock, again, but O’Brian headbutts Graves which stops him in his tracks. O’Brian comes back with three clotheslines and a flapjack. Things look good for O’Brian until the lights go off and when they come back on THE SHIELD is in the ring. Graves and O’Brian receive  beat down a triple power bomb for their troubles.

Bout is ruled a No Contest

Dean Ambrose grabs the mic and says NXT can’t escape the justice while Seth Rollins says their mission is to write the wrongs of the WWE and then you have Roman Reigns who says no one is outside their reach as the show comes to a close.


Final Thoughts: This is the first full episode I have seen and I thoroughly enjoyed it from top to bottom. It was nice to see Justin Gabriel work a more grounded match instead of doing high spots every time he gets a chance.

Leo Kruger has a good look but he need a little more in ring polish before he is ready for prime time. Emma’s gimmick is interesting and I liked the choice of two heels in the main event and I love actual commentary from Dawson and Regal instead of the crap we hear on Raw and Smackdown. To sum it up, NXT is a WWE show with an un WWE feel to it.

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