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Superstar Billy Graham apologizes to Linda McMahon

Linda McMahon

I would like to officially apologize to Linda at this point for the problems we have had in the past. She was very kind to me and after my liver transplant in 2002 at a TV tapping came up to me and gave me a big hug and said in that sweet Carolina accent, “Well, Billy, you sure don’t look like a man who has just had a liver transplant and congratulations.” I believe she is more than qualified to have been the Senator representing the state of Connecticut and it is unfortunate her attempts at running for senate were unsuccessful. The man who won the 2012 election gives me the creeps and looks like a crook with that died black hair that looks like it is glued to his head.

Superstar Billy Graham (via Facebook)

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  1. Nick A says:

    “Now that you’ve lost, I’m sorry about all that.” – “Superstar” Billy Graham, senile old man

  2. scott says:

    Nobody questions the enormous contributions Linda McMahon has made in building the WWE empire. I believe she was not informed enough about the political scene, and would have perhaps gotten the senate seat she sought, hadb she started out in a position that would have gained her the experience and knowledge to qualify for the position. Instead, she came off as a wealthy person who felt her money would get her the nomination,.and it backfired. It doesn’t diminish one bit, in my mind, what an outstanding person Linda McMahon is, and perhaps well see her in a position that brings out the leadership skills she has.

  3. P b says:

    Still talking smack.

  4. Roscoe Jones says:

    What do Scott and Billy Graham have in common??

    They’re both over spoken idiots.

  5. Roscoe Jones says:

    Well I on the other hand am a boney fide full fledged idiot

  6. Captain Ass says:

    Hey “Superstar”, do the world a favor and just shut the hell up. You’ve proven to be the same bitter old bastard you were back when you were at war with Vince years ago. You “forgave” and were friends for a long time again with Vince, until they fired you from your consulting job. Your reputation has been tarnished beyond repair, so keep your senile opinions to yourself, because your hypocrisy is as warped as the thought of Obama being a good President.

  7. -J- says:

    an elderly citizen who complains or criticizes others…say it aint so!

  8. Budman316 says:

    Oh, im sorry, i couldn’t find where the rest of ya’ll sold out MSG 22 times. I searched for all ya’lls title reigns and couldn’t find them either. I also searched for the number of times ya’ll got in da’ ring and couldn’t find that either. Do me a favor, shut the fak up, Billy Graham as been around longer then French Toast and can speak as he wishes whenever he wishes as many times as he wishes about whatever he wishes.

    Get Well Superstar


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