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Daily Discussion: Should Jeff Hardy be inducted into the GERWECK.NET hall of fame?

Today’s topic: Should Jeff Hardy be inducted into the GERWECK.NET hall of fame?

Qualifications from reader Mike Burmeister:

Jeff Hardy (WWE, TNA, NWA 2000, UWA, OMEGA)
1x WWE Champion
2x WWE World Heavyweight Champion
3x TNA World Heavyweight Champion
4x WWE Intercontinental Champion
1x WWE European Champion
3x WWE Hardcore Champion
1x WWE Light Heavyweight Champion
1x OMEGA New Frontiers Champion
1x UWA World Middleweight Champion
6x WWE World Tag Team Champion
1x WWE WCW Tag Team Champion
1x NWA 2000 Tag Team Champion
1x OMEGA Tag Team Champion
2012 Bound for Glory Series winner

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23 Responses

  1. Dragon says:

    Absolutely yes. While not the first to go high flyer he is definitely one of the most recognizable. He changed the landscape for the newer era of wrestling in the big leagues. For me Jeff was iconic. While I liked the rock and DX and the whole lot, I always got excited to see Jeff I knew when he was in the match I might see something crazy. Only other spot monster I can think of on that level would be Shane O’mack and that was nowhere near to the number of spots Jeff has done. Mind you i am only making reference to the big leagues and not including the indies or other countries promotions, just saying before I get bashed for not acknowledging the indies. Not to mention Jeff had a hand in making the likes of Vince realize that the smaller guys can fill the seats just as much as any power house. Without Jeff I dont see the WWE with the likes of Punk or Bryan, at least not in the main event light. While both have incredible talent the old WWE would have more than likely looked them over or just stuck them in mid card.

  2. Kid Vicious says:

    Should Jeff Hardy go into a Hall of Fame that has failed to induct both HHH and The Ultimate Warrior?

  3. Simba says:

    @Kid Vicious,

    I have to disagree. Jacked-up physique aside, The Ultimate Warrior had absolutely nothing to offer the wrestling business. An abysmal wrestler and promo man, he possessed no stand-out qualities that make him more worthy of induction than any other ‘roided up monster that has ‘graced’ the wrestling business. Jeff Hardy had vast marketability stemming from his then-unique image/ring style and his tag team with Matt (which has provided endless compelling matches, and contributed effectively in attracting a new demographic to the WWF/WWE’s audience).

    As far as Triple H goes, I cannot fathom his omission from the HOF. Despite the way he made himself a star, he’s still more deserving of induction than JBL, as is Warrior.

  4. Max says:

    Yes, those stats alone explain why he should be there. Iconic.

  5. Nick A says:

    Yes. Will he go in to it? No. Obviously too many people that stop by this page don’t have a clue what being a draw in wrestling means.

  6. MC Live says:

    Minus his out of ring activities around 2011 Yes

  7. cas says:

    look at those accomplishments. yes. he’s only going to add to that.

  8. raven12516 says:

    I fail to see why not.

  9. rebel says:

    No. Take away his insane bumps and he wouldn’t even be considered, plus his in-ring work is not good enough to overshadow his lack of skills on the mic.

  10. Scott II says:

    When I think of hall of fame, I think of those that are retired or semi-retired. Or at least has been off the national scene for wrestling for awhile.

    If that was the case for Jeff, even if I consider his drug problems, yes, the guy is EASILY hall of fame material.

  11. RematchMania is Runnin Wild says:

    He should be but not yet.

  12. Kerry says:

    Jeff Hardy is nothing more than a glorified stunt man, not a wrestler. No.

  13. Kid Vicious says:

    At Simba

    Wait what? Have you even seen the Ultimate Warrior? You can not have been a child when he was around. No way. He wasn’t great technically, but he wasn’t awful either. It was certainly enough to put bums on seats and Main Event throughout 1990. And his promos were anything but abysmal. Just because Bobby Heenan says it, don’t necessarily believe it. If The Warrior was just about being a muscled-up no-voice, then Hercules would’ve got the gig. What wrestlers delivered a better promo in that time? Hogan, Macho Man, Jake Roberts, maybe DiBiase. Remember, this was much more off the cuff rather than the scripted garbage The Rock would later churn out.

    He was in a completely different league to Jeff Hardy. If he ain’t in, I don’t see how a rainbow-haired junkie washout can get the nod over him.

  14. Ram_Z says:

    Jeff by himself? No, Hardys as a tag team? Yes. Given all of jeffs accomplishments he’s definetly HOF worthy but the way he has conducted himself until recently just tarnishes what he has accomplished, call it the Benoit complex if you will, but the hardys as a team helped revolutionize tag team wrestling and elevated the ladder match as well as being one of the most marketable and popular teams of their era.

  15. Guled says:

    Jeff isn’t ready to go HoF yet. if anything, he hasn’t prove squat as a singles wrestler. The Hardys were a successful tag team by justifying extreme; when they split apart it sucked. My point is, the HoF is for people who really stood out to wrestling fans i.e myself. feel free to say anything you want, IMO

  16. Greg says:

    Even with his accomplishements as a single wrestler, I would hesitate but as a tag team Absolutely! I consider The Hardy’s as innovators of the TLC Match along with the Dudley’s and Edge and Christian. When the time is right I think he would be a Hall of Famer. However unless they are retired or semi retired with a long body of work I have an issue voting someone for the Hall of Fame.

  17. Scott II says:

    Was he a “stuntman”. Yeah, but you CAN’T deny that he has made an impact in the world of professional wrestling.

    But for me, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s not his time yet.

  18. gerry says:

    Let a drug addict and felon into the hall of fame? I think not, if you Induct jeff hardy you might as well let chris benoit in too.

  19. Gerry is stupid says:

    Wow, comparing chris beniot to hard is pretty classless.

    One killed his wife, son, and himself.

    The other likes to get high.

    Do you know how many people have drug problems? The only difference is that Hardy is in the spotlight.

    Jeff Hardy had a huge impact on tagteam wrestling. Not to mention he’s been the most popular wrestler in WWE a few times in his career.

    Hardy definitely belongs.

    You expect these people to bust their ass, get injured, and not try to ease the pain that is associated with it?

    Quite frankly Hardy’s drug habits are none of your business.

    Then again, I am a libertarian and I believe people have the right to do what they want with their body if it’s not harming others.

  20. JLM3 says:

    not before JEFF JARRETT, it’s been over a year gerweck, let’s re-nominate a multi time world champion and the founder of a very succesful and rapidly growing promotion!

  21. Scott II says:

    Jeff Jarrett is a glorified mid-carder who founded TNA just so he could put himself in the main event. Don’t put Jeff Jarrett and Hall of Fame in the same sentence.

  22. Meh says:

    The only problem with re-nominating Jeff Jarrett (who I feel deserves to be in the Gerweck Hall of Fame) is that there is too much hate against him that re-nominating would cause the same thing to occur again where he fails to get in because of the hate.

    “He founded TNA so that he could be a main eventer, and hold the title the entire time.”

    He founded TNA to give wrestlers an alternative place to work, plain and simple. the guy is deserving of the real hall of fame, not just a website version.

    In the early years of TNA when he was champion, he carried and booked himself as the type of heel champion that people wanted to see get his butt kicked and beaten for the title, and kept coming back for when he would leave with his championship,

    TNA is Jarrett’s company and he has stayed away from ever winning the TNA Heavyweight title since losing the NWA Heavyweight title to Sting at Bound For Glory 2006 but that still not good enough for the haters. Jeff (along with Debra) was crying during his interview at Over The Edge 1999 after he heard about what happened to Owen Hart who was his tag team partner at that time so he does have compassion and respect for other people.

    He is under-appreciated by too many blind people who are still bitter over him allegedly holding WWE for ransom because he allegedly didn’t want drop the IC title to Chyna in a Good Housekeeping match. He would most likely been a World Champion in WWE if he hadn’t jumped ship to WCW.

    Jeff Jarrett has never ever been a grand slam champion anywhere let alone in TNA.

    Jarrett has the potential to be HOF material as a promoter in his own right when he takes TNA and turns it into a world recognized brand and manages to actually enhance the experience and benefits of young indy wrestlers signing to his company though the problem is the rejected WWE stars but he has plenty of room to improve.

    Jarrett sold merchandise. People wearing the “Don’t **** Me Off” and “Slapnuts” t-shirts is prove of that (And no, I don’t believe that they are plants.) so the money making argument doesn’t hold weight.

    It really just comes down to if you are a Jarrett fan or hater, and sadly there are alot more haters than fans.

  23. Kid Vicious says:

    Well said Meh

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