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Names being advertised for Monday’s Old School Raw

The Dish Network and Time Warner Cable guides for Monday’s “Old School” episode of WWE Raw lists “Ric Flair, “Mean” Gene Okerlund, “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, Jim Ross, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, and more” as appearing.

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  1. Guled says:


  2. GodRealm says:

    I wonder if they will revert back to standred definition lol

  3. -J- says:

    will vince/jr/king be on commentary like the good ol days of Monday Nigh Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawr?

  4. Saint Savage says:

    Same old SuperStars who are on good terms with Vince. Bring back the Warrior & Big Poppa Pump!

  5. sagtogi says:

    What do they mean special start time it comes on that time every week

  6. StunningSteve says:

    It may be a play on the old time when RAW would come on. Everything else in the promo, including the USA logo, is retro so maybe they are referencing the old start time. Alternatively, they could have also made a mistake.

  7. T says:

    So Heath Slater will job to Duggan?

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