Johnny Devine shoots on Hart Legacy Wrestling

Feb 28, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

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Tha O Show radio program has just launched its 300th episode!

On this week’s show: former TNA X Divsion Champion Johnny Devine discusses the behind the scenes dirt on the failed Hart Legacy wrestling show.

We also discuss shady independent promoters in general, including the man behind Hardcore Roadtrip – Mark ANDERSON (not Livingston). Mark Anderson who promoted shows in Ontario from 1997-2001 has had numerous charges brought against him for theft and fraud – all stemming from his previous wrestling company, The Hardcore Wrestling Federation.

As, yet another name pulls out of the show (Axl Rotten), Tha O Show was the only place that told fans and virtually every member of the roster: Be careful.

Lots of other random wrestling, mma and pop culture talk on this week’s episode.
You can listen by going to,, on iTunes or Stitcher Radio.


Tha O Show is hosted by the two men who launched the first EVER online wrestling radio show 16 years ago – Big Daddy Donnie and Notorious T.I.D.

Donnie is an award winning journalist, radio host and professional wrestling booker. He successfully ran the CWI tours in 2011 that featured men like Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner,
The New Age Outlaws, XPac, Tatanka, The Nasty Boys and many more.

Notorious T.I.D. is a veteran of the ring with almost 20 years under his belt. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada – he has called Toronto home since the mid 90s and has often been referred to as
the scariest and toughest man on the independent circuit.

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