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Update on The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania status

According to, The Undertaker is expected back on television shortly, possibly as soon as Monday’s Old School Raw.

As of last week, the Undertaker vs. CM Punk was official for WrestleMania 29.

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  1. motorhead says:

    should be good. Punk is turning out to be his generations show-stopper and hit man. The match should be good.

  2. Drew says:

    Easily the best match at Mania.

  3. Alex says:

    4th predictable match and ending…


  4. Kerry says:

    Maybe Punk will end the streak?

  5. Rusty Shackleford says:

    @Alex: Normally I’d be with you on the ‘predictable match’ complaint, but I’m honestly ok with Taker’s matches bring predictable. The other ones serve no purpose in being predictable, but the thing about Undertaker’s matches is the spectacle of it all. They’re entertaining just because it’s him, and that’s the whole point of matches/professional wrestling,not wins our losers

  6. Rusty Shackleford says:

    *or losses. Sorry, my phone auto corrected.

  7. MC Live says:

    So what if the ending is predictable. You don’t have to believe that Punk will actually win. You have to believe that the character CM Punk could possible defeat the character the Undertaker. It’s almost guaranteed to be an amazing match

  8. joseph says:

    cm punk is terrible…the guys a heavy cruiserweight…him the champion was a joke. i preferred JBL for gods sake. at least he was funny.
    going up againts taker is a waste of time and energy for both men….

    taker win, hhh win, cena win, swagger/del rio no one cares, mania will be terrible…im waiting for summerslam, should be rock v brock II.

  9. -J- says:

    hope he returns as the american bald ass.

  10. Guled says:

    undertaker vs punk! the deadman vs the best in the world, surely will be a great match. woulda been better with punk as champ

  11. AJ Starr says:

    Joseph… you’re telling me the guy who can talk circles around everyone… who can out-wrestle 99% of the workers of the world… who works 300+ days a year no matter what… isn’t good enough for you, and you prefer JBL?

    Tell us again how you’re a wrestling fan?

  12. M.J. Wright says:

    @ AJ Say it again please!!

  13. Dev says:

    Not the just the match is going predictable…. How the match is going is predictable…. Punk dominates most of the match Taker counters with some of his signature moves…. And finally delivers the piledriver to Punk… Match over…. Streak remains….. Taker is not going to be same again as he was against HBK

  14. RematchMania is Runnin Wild says:

    Wrestling in general is pretty predictable.

    The odd times that something different happens it would be in the most viewed on YouTube.

    Like Punks Promo before Money In The Bank, The Rock returning or Lesnar returning.

  15. Alex says:

    Even so, I like a show when it’s unpredictable.

    We’ve known that the main event for this year would be Rock vs Cena for way too long.

    Adding Punk to that match would have been the best thing they could ever do, Cena is great (yes) when he works with Punk.

    We already have 4 matches with predictable endings this year, enough already!

    Also, Taker is great, but it’s been said time and time again that he’s is NOT in shape.

    And against Punk… that’s bad, just look at The Rock!

    Is anyone really doubting the following:

    Triple H beats Lesnar
    Cena beats Rock
    Taker beats Punk
    Ziggler cashes.

    Seriously? I’ll pass…

  16. deathedge says:


    I don’t think Ziggler will cash. I also think Swagger wins as a “take that” to fans who don’t like the storyline.

  17. deathedge says:

    Bold Prediction: Taker/HHH vs Punk/Lesnar. Taker’s not in the best shape, but a tag team match could hide that. Also, seeing how Punk has nothing to do but still works with Heyman, it’s pretty easy to put him in HHH/Lesnar’s angle AND he has problems with the McMahon family anyway.

    Taker would agree to assist HHH in his fight not just out of respect, but to make the so called god CM Punk rest in peace.

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