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CM Punk reportedly ill on Monday night

CM Punk was battling the flu on Monday night when he and John Cena had that great match.


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  1. Chicago Made Punk says:


  2. Guled says:

    “reportedly.” doesn’t come true all the time.

  3. Max says:

    What a man.

  4. Scott II says:

    Best in the world for a reason

  5. Asterik says:

    …all I have to say is that it must take real true die hard commitment to go through a 20+ minute match with the flu, maybe CM Punk is the best in the world; he’s not just passing off smoke he’s the real deal!

  6. Common Cents says:

    Uhm…hopefully you guys are being sarcastic, he had the flu, does it suck? Yes, does it prevent you from doing your job? No. Triple tore a ligament and kept on wrestling, Kurt Angle was concussed and kept on wrestling, how many countless times have we heard someone going through an injury and then continuing with the match. I’m sorry when it comes to the flu, that is just ridiculous that this is news. I am a huge Punk fan, that was a great match, but really? The mother F’N Flu????? Lets not mark out on everything CM Punk does…. CM Punk took a sh*t…. YEAHHH!!!

  7. Common Cents says:

    Triple H*

  8. Adam says:

    definitely not using your common cents dude, I got the flu right now… last thing I wanna do is let john cena give me a huricanrana

  9. stephen says:

    Punk is officially the Michael Jordan of the WWE

  10. What? says:

    @Adam: It’s OK, it was barely a real hurricanrana anyway. More like a tropical-storm-rana.

    @stephen: Didn’t Jordan win that game?

  11. James says:

    I just wonder what all these people would be saying if it had been Cena the one with the flu it’s not like hasn’t wrestled hurt on many occasions. That’s what you do. You suck it up and go

  12. Meh says:

    HBK had the flu at Royal Rumble 1997 against Sid.

  13. echo says:

    The flu can be debilitating. That was amazing if he was wrestling with the flu.

  14. Dream Eater says:

    @Common Cents + James It’s one thing to keep going once you have injured yourself and your pumped full of adrenaline. It’s another to begin a match sick that you have to carry, and still make it four stars. Pardon everyone for “marking out”, but when something or someone repeatedly surpasses expectations that’s what you do. You acknowledge the great job that has been done.
    I’d rather “mark out” for CM Punk putting on great matches than “marking out” just because the WWE shoves the same superstar down my throat week after week.

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