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Chris Jericho talks the transition from Vince to Hunter as his boss

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In part 1 of a 2 part conversation this week on MLW Radio, available right now at: , WWE superstar
Chris Jericho joined Konnan to discuss their crazy times in Mexico, Bischoff’s big offer to keep him WCW when he was
jumping to the WWF, making the transition to being a WWE main eventer, Antonio Inoki’s World Peace Festival and
much, much more.

Jericho also discussed what it’s like having Triple H as his boss now instead of Vince McMahon:

“It’s a changing of the guard. We’re in a transitional period right now between bosses. Vince is handing the reigns
over to Triple H and Triple H has a lot of responsibilities and a lot of power now and it’s going to keep increasing
because eventually Vince is going to give it up and stop. I don’t know if he’ll do it until he dies. I think over the next
two or three years Triple H will be making most of the big decisions and Vince will be brought on as a consultant.”

“I know for this deal that I made to come back this time, I talked completely with Triple H. I didn’t talk with Vince at
all and I’d always talked to Vince about any deal I ever had. Triple H is pretty much the boss, although Vince is
always going to be the boss. But Triple H is in charge of more and more and more and developmental is a big part of

“To be honest with you, he’s doing a great job. In the early 90s it’s no secret there was no love lost between he
and I. We didn’t like each other, we didn’t get along. We had great matches, but there was always a personality
issue. That stopped years and years ago and now I consider Triple H a pretty good friend. I’ll be completely flatly
honest, I think he’s the right guy to take over the company. I think he’s prepared for it. He’s learning a lot about
how to be the corporate guy. There’s so much more than just calling finishes and signing guys. He’s got to run the
whole corporate side of it. Go to all the meetings, do all that stuff. I think it’s in very good hands if Vince ever retires
or passes away.”

Part 2 of this 3 hour conversation drops this Sunday. MLW Radio is available for free at and on
iTunes (search: MLW Radio), along with episodes featuring MVP, The Ultimate Warrior, Teddy Hart, Billy Corgan and
many others.

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7 Responses

  1. Adam says:

    classy move by y2j

  2. motorhead says:

    never thought i’d live to see the day of a wwf/e without vince mcmahon but it seems to be coming closer to it by the day. Been watching wrestling since right after vince bought capital wrestling from his father. What a long, strange trip.

  3. jim says:

    Hunter is going to bring wwe back I’m telling u. He will be great

  4. dave says:

    Times are a-changing. You sense HHHs fingerprints are on the show more and more.

  5. Kerry says:

    I still remember when I started watching WWE in the mid 80’s & Vince was a ringside commentator. Had no idea he was the boss back then.

  6. StunningSteve says:

    I honestly think, at this point, Triple H is a lot more in tune with what fans want than Vince is. I was never a huge Triple H fan but so far he seems to be bringing in good workers and most of the guys seem to speak highly of him as a boss.

  7. echo says:

    “if Vince ever…passes away.” I can’t help myself, I found the way that line was worded to be amusing for some reason.

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