2/27 Detailed WWE Main Event Recap

Feb 27, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

February 27, 2013 (Taped February 26, 2013)

Oklahoma City, OK at the Chesapeake Energy Arena

Commentators: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

-Kaitlyn is shown walking backstage and bumps into Cody Rhodes. They flirt momentarily, because of her infatuation with facial hair. Sheamus interrupts; he and Cody get into an argument over who has the superior facial hair. This, folks, is what their match tonight will be fought over. Disgusting.

-Main Event open

-Tonight, Michael Cole & JERRY LAWLER ON MAIN EVENT! Sweet!

-Sheamus comes out for his match against Cody Rhodes, with Rhodes not far behind. The bell rings, we’re underway!

Sheamus VS Cody Rhodes

-This feels mildly familiar. In fact, they just fought two weeks ago. Let’s see what happens this time! Sheamus overpowers Rhodes to start with, and Cody can’t seem to grab the upper hand. We go to break 3:18 into the match.

[Commercial Break]

-Back from break, Sheamus has Cody up for WHITE NOISE, but Rhodes slips out and nails a DDT for 1,2,NO. Cody then works over Sheamus for several minutes, getting a GREAT heat segment, something desperately missing from their match two weeks ago. Finish comes when Cody tries to hit the DISASTER KICK, but Sheamus ducks and hits the BROGUE KICK, good for the 1, 2, and 3.

Winner: Sheamus at 10:24. Once again, my voice recorder malfunctioned (I should really replace that thing,) so most of the play by play of this match was lost. However, MUCH better than their match two weeks ago, and if you want to job out Rhodes, THIS is the way to do it. He got some offense, again, much missed in their match two weeks ago. This match plodded along slowly, though, so we’re gonna go with **/5.

-Sheamus celebrates his victory after the replay, then we’re shown Mark Henry coming down the hallway. The “World’s Strongest Man” is in action, NEXT!

[Commercial Break]

-Back from break, and Henry enters the arena. His opponent (check that, VICTIM?) Justin Gabriel. Boy, what a mismatch of styles here.

The “World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry VS Justin Gabriel

-Not much going on here. Henry DOMINATES, as only he can, while the best Gabriel can muster is some kicks that seemingly only make Henry mad. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT???!!! World’s Strongest Slam finishes this massacre.

Winner: The “World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry at 4:38. Good way to showcase Henry on this new show. Because it was a glorified squash, we’ll give it *1/2.

-Backstage, Cody Rhodes is furious over his loss, until Kaitlyn comes in to try and comfort him. After a brief moment of awkwardness, she simply runs away. Wow, this is…surreal. Let’s see where it goes.

-Up next, we’ll see the Triple-H/Brock Lesnar brawl from Monday’s Raw.

[Commercial Break]

-Back from break, and we go to the aforementioned brawl. Nice way to buildup the match between HHH/Lesnar at WrestleMania.

-Up next, we’ll see highlights from the EPIC John Cena/CM Punk match from WWE Raw Monday night.

[Commercial Break]

-AND WE’RE BACK! I’m sure over the annals of time, the Cena/Punk 2-25-13 match on Raw will be covered OVER and OVER, because let’s face it; it was as good a match as Raw has had in FOREVER. That one finishes the show off for us.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Two good exclusive matches, with the Cena/Punk epic from Raw mixed in…this show gets a final grade of ***.

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